A New Era for PKR

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The last part of April has been an exciting time for PKR and indeed for PKR players. Between the announcement and introduction of Team PKR and the PKR Live II event at which Team PKR was first unleashed, it has been headlines all around.

PKR LIVE II was a great success for all involved. The weekend consisted of a $100 Warm-Up event, the $500 Main Event, and a bounty freeroll. It was Karl "discomonkey" Fenton who beat the 149 other online players to win the Main Event first place prize of $20,000. The 23 year-old stated afterwards that he was "honoured" to have received the support that he did throughout, whilst Roy Houghton, manager of loose Cannon where the event was held stated that in his 40 years of experience he had never seen a friendlier crowd.

Of course except for the events themselves, everyone was closely watching the newly unveiled 6 member Team PKR. The team, as other site's teams do, will represent PKR at live events and receive support for doing so. The team is made up of Henrik "Pokey85" Eklund of Sweden, Ashley "ashleyhames1" Hames of the UK, Raymond "Callmebabe" O'Mahoney of the Republic of Ireland, Kai "KingKai84" Paulsen of Norway, James "James666" Sudworth of the UK, and Andrew "Golfpro699" Teng also of the UK. The team members were selected for various different reasons and talents. Hames may be the most widely known of the 6, due to her varies TV appearances, whilst Paulsen has made his name on the live circuits with several hundred thousand dollars of prize-money already under his belt.