PKR Promotion - $50,000 guaranteed

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Having recently made oh so many people oh so happy by turning the PKR Sunday Classic into a $50,000 guaranteed prize-pool tournament, PKR have done it again by adding some fantastic new features and games.

There are two areas of new games to be noted at PKR. The first is a full array of Omaha Hi/Lo games, both limit and pot limit variations spanning the cash game buy-in options as well as tournament styles. Leaving the cards behind there is also Mini Roulette now to be found at PKR joining other non-poker games such as blackjack.

In terms of new features, both a Timebank and Break Skips have now been added to the site. The Timebank is a means by which players in cash games can make themselves more time to consider moves. As you play more hands you will earn more time in your bank. Each table will have a maximum, but within that maximum you can then use as much time as you have in order to make your decision, thus putting an end to rushed, stressful decisions. Break Skips is a welcome addition to the software also. We've all been at a final table where the breaks are more annoying than useful. With the addition of Break Skips, so long as all players consent, the breaks can simply be skipped allowing play to continue uninterrupted.

Finally, not so much a new feature but worth noting anyway: there's new stuff in the PKR shop! Ranging from poker books to electronics, there's a bunch of cool things there, so go check it out.