Mobile Poker: Poker for Cellphones, Smart Phones, and Handhelds – Play Anywhere, Anytime

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As mobile technology gets smarter each day, previously inconceivable applications are gradually making their way towards your mobile phone. One such application that enjoys ever-growing success is online poker. Why is mobile poker gaining in popularity? The answer to that question should be obvious. Now you can play at your favorite poker room while waiting for the bus or when stuck in the airport terminal. There are virtually no more limits on where you can take your game, and no longer will you have to miss out on precious poker-time, if playing poker is what you do for a living.

One of the best choices if you want to play poker on your mobile is bwin The site is well known all over the internet, and it’s a well established and old online poker room. All you need in terms of financial security and software fairness is top-notch at
As online poker rooms are on a continuous search to discover new markets for their product, it was part of a natural evolution for to start providing mobile poker to their customers. Not only is it a good marketing move on their part, poker players have the most to gain from the setup.

bwin’s mobile software client is available for download on their website, for members. The software itself offers great graphics (on a mobile phone level anyway) NL Texas Holdem, game statistics and you can even chat with other players through it. It is said to be compatible with most mobile phone brands, but the site also offers a handy compatibility-checker page, where you can even suggest the type of mobile phone you’d like to see supported. The sheer number of different supported phone types is quite impressive, and I’d fill up a page or two if I tried to list them here, so I won’t do it.

A few things you should know about mobile poker: you will be paying rake the same way you pay it when you play online from your computer. You will be playing against real human opponents, no doubt about that. If you get an incoming call while playing poker, the software will treat it as if you lost connection. Some handsets may keep the game running in the background though. If you happen to lose network coverage, you’ll have a chance to reconnect but if you don’t do it for 30 seconds you’ll be dropped from the game and your hand will be folded.

Besides poker, also offers online blackjack and other games are in the works.