Stocking up on Great Poker Supplies


When you invite friends to your home in order to bad-beat them out of their money, or just for a nice game of poker, as a minimal courtesy you should offer them a nice poker setting. Get a fresh deck of cards, or better two decks; cards have a tendency to get folded (pun intended). The other thing you cannot do without is a set of poker chips. If you haven't noticed, playing with coins and bills simply isn't right anymore. Betting your car keys even less so. No, you need a range of colored chips. It's probably a good idea to avoid the very cheapest ones; they tend to be more of a nuisance to the good poker ambience. There are countless lines of poker chips weighing from 9 to 15 grams each that will do the trick for you. Three or four different colors are usually enough for the regular home game. So much for the mandatory inventories of a pleasant home game. If you want to be a real friend and give your cronies a truly impressive poker bonus, have them seated around a poker table. There's a whole range of options to choose between - from custom-made cherry-wood poker-only tables to portable and pliable poker table-tops. Of course, a patch of green felt will turn your ordinary dining-table into a perfectly fine poker table as well, and you can carry it along when your friends invite you back after the next pay day. Other gems, like a dealer button or a cut card to protect the bottom card of the deck adds to the overall experience. Buttons for the small and big blind may be a bit too much, though. There must be some room left for bottles and plates, right?

Poker supplies in sporting-goods stores

So, how do you go about to get your hands at all this stuff? Well, there are a number of ways. Believe it or not, there are still a few offline shops out there. Buying poker supplies offline has the advantage that you can touch and feel the merchandise before you hand over the cash. Chances are that you will go home with the exact thing you need. On the other hand, finding a well-sorted poker supplier within a day's drive can be very hard, depending on where you live. The web is a huge marketplace that you probably have right under you fingertips - if you are able to read this.

Buying poker supplies online

A lot of web sites are dedicated to selling poker supplies. They have all kinds of gear, at a wide range of prices. If you feel lost among all the different possibilities, you might want to read some reliable poker site reviews of poker vendors. There you can also make sure that the site where you plan to do your shopping is not financially unstable, or even a fake (very unusual though.) After all, things like poker tables and cases with poker chips are not that inexpensive, nothing wrong in actually receiving your purchased items

Winning poker supplies playing online poker

Quite regularly, you will be able to find poker sites that offer poker supplies as a kind of sign up bonus. Open an account and player a certain number of real-money hands and your free poker bonus will land in your mail box as soon as the mail man goes off his break. Of course, by signing up for a merchandise bonus, you may cut out some other poker bonuses or promotions. Then again, you cannot have it all. Be sure to read your favorite online poker reviews to make sure that the site you sign up to is dependable and genuine.