Four Common Mistakes in No-Limit Texas Hold’em Poker

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Everybody makes mistakes, it’s only human. This is true also for poker, where mistakes can be very costly.

  1. Betting too small - This is a common mistake. Players will place very small bets, even when the pot is large. This is a mistake for several reasons – if you bet too small, other players will not fold when you try to bluff, and will have good odds to outdraw you when you make a good hand. A good suggestion is to bet at least 50-75% of the pot.
  2. Playing too many starting hands - This is a very common mistake, and one of the most expensive mistakes novice poker players make. Many new poker players can’t wait to jump in the action and they randomly play any hand they get. There are many hands that shouldn’t normally be played unless you are an experienced player and manage to read the other players at the table. Playing starting hands correctly is a fundamental rule in poker.
  3. Calling too many hands - New poker players just can’t seem to let go of a hand. It’s very bad practice to blindly chase a flush or straight draw. It’s also bad practice to let your curiosity lead you to see another player’s hand. When you have an urge to call a player on the river with a bad hand, reconsider and think about the money you’ll be throwing away if you do.
  4. Slow playing too much - You know that great feeling of making a monster hand like nut straight or a full house. It’s go great that new poker players sometimes forget to make a bet and just check. You sometimes have to wait a very long time to get a strong hand so why not get paid for it? The right move is to bet accordingly, even though sometimes the other players will fold, because at other times another player will call or even raise. When you bet your strong hands you have a chance to win big pots and also pick up some small ones on the way.

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