Online Poker software - Texas Holdem Analyzer

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Poker Tracker - Online Poker Analyzer

Analyze your Texas Hold'Em and Omaha/8 Tournaments and Ring Games

Beejack's Online Poker Software page provides information about poker analyzing software,poker calculators, statistics management tools, and poker trackers.
If you are a poker beginner you should use a poker analyzer, which can analyze your poker hands, calculate your hand and pot odds, record and manage you poker history, and show you the most reccomended move in various styles (loose, tight, aggressive, etc.) so you can learn to play like the pros and win real money.
(On the picture - PartyPoker Analyzer game)

PartyPoker Analyzer

Poker Tracker - Online Poker Analyzer

Poker Tracker is a poker analyzing program that allows you to analyze your Texas Hold'Em and Omaha/8 hands. Poker Tracker stores and summarizes the hand history data that can be downloaded from your poker site.

With Poker Tracker you can: