Playing Omaha Poker - Strategy


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The following little article is by no means meant to make you a huge and feared Omaha Hi-Lo player, much rather, it is about to give you a few useful pointers which you’ll find extremely useful as a rookie.

First of all, always remember you need to use exactly two cards from your hand and exactly three off the board, to make your showdown hand. Remembering this rule will save you an awful lot of trouble.
You can use different cards to make your high-hand and different ones for your low-hand, but you always have to use two cards from your pocket hand and three from the board. In this respect, your pocket hand needs to work in harmony with the board, it needs to integrate well with it…

Learn to read low hands. Remember, he who scores the lowest hand in Omaha wins half the pot, so being on the lookout for high hands only, would be a huge mistake. Whenever you’re trying to read the low hands, use the principle I just detailed above: use two cards from your hand and complete them with three off the board, so that you make a valid low hand. If you have 3,4,5,6 in your pocket and the board shows 2,3,4,7,A, it is quite obvious what you have to do: 3,4 are also present on the board, so they are counterfeited from your hand, Thus, you’ll use 4,5 from your hand, and A,2,3 off the board, making it A,2,3,4,5, which is also best possible low hand in the game.
For your high hand, you’ll use the very same hand, since in addition to being the nut low, it is also a 5-high straight.

Winning Omaha is a game of huge edges. Unlike in Holdem, which is based on the systematic exploitation of small edges, in Omaha, starting hands gain a whole new importance.
Omaha is fairly easy to beat online for someone who knows a thing or two about the game. That is, because knowing a thing or two will exactly be a thing or two more than what most other players in the game rely upon.