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Despite only being around since 2006, PKR Poker has managed to jump to the forefront of online poker with their cutting-edge software, which features revolutionary graphics. They also have lots of promotions, and great player traffic with 8,000-10,000 players usually online.

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PKR Poker Room
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About PKR

PKR is one of the newest poker rooms out there, (they’ve been around since the summer of 2006 only) but despite that, they’ve seen quite a phenomenal growth. Nowadays, they boast around 8,000-10,000 players at peak hours, but mind you, that number is on the rise, even as you’re reading this review.
It shouldn’t come as a surprise either, because PKR has managed to secure something, other poker rooms can only dream of in today’s ultra competitive online poker market: a truly unique selling point.

PKR Software

This brings us to their software. Yes indeed, that is where the attraction resides with PKR. It sounds reasonably plain and straightforward, yet no other poker room has figured it out before PKR: develop a state-of-the-art platform for your poker room, one that makes use of the latest technology in CG (computer graphics) thus creating a piece of software that isn’t only visually attractive, but also revolutionary through the features it offers.
Some may call it mere eye-candy, but don’t you fall for that superficial assessment. It sure looks pretty (prettier than anything else poker-related that you will find on the net), yet it does nothing less than to take online poker to an entirely new level, introducing a host of elements previously only available in live games.
Thus, poker tells that online live poker players could make use of, become readily available. Be careful what actions you have your avatar undertake at the table. Don’t wear that tournament bracelet to the table unless you’re getting ready for a confrontation with a table full of sharks. Do not peek at your hole cards in critical moments. People will read you not only based on your betting patterns, but also on the gestures you make at the table.
Yes, PKR’s software is stable, and yes, it is all the eye-candy it’s hyped up to be. On top of that it is also revolutionary.

PKR Deposit/Signup bonuses

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Up until not so long ago, PKR used to be quite stingy on the bonuses it offered to its new players. That is the case no more. It now offers a set of customized first deposit bonus options, to suit small stakes recreational players as well as regulars and high rollers.
The amount of bonus you get, will be directly proportional with the number of poker points you generate. For 7,500 PKR points you get $50, for 50,000 you get $250, for 135,000 PKR points you’ll bag 100% up to $800, and you can even get as much as $2,000 within the framework of a special deal with PKR.


Promotions-wise, PKR might not be as generous as some of the bigger online poker rooms, but it is certainly on the right track. They have guaranteed prize-pools, freerolls, satellites, tourney rankings, not to mention the bounty tournaments which give you $100 for knocking out one of six target players. The prize pool for these bounty tourneys is quite generous too.
The “crown jewels” of the promotions system are the EPT satellites. PKR does provide the possibility for its players to qualify to prestigious live events.
The Golden Jigsaw is the last of their promotions. Players will be required to put together a puzzle, the individual pieces of which are scattered all over the internet. Those who succeed will become eligible for some serious cash prizes.

PKR Supported Languages

If you take a look at their homepage, you’ll realize that PKR is available in a host of different languages. From Brazilian to Danish, Spanish and Italian, through German, French and Dutch, PKR gets its message through: this is certainly one European-oriented poker room.

PKR Unique features

When it comes to unique features, PKR is probably the top poker room on the World Wide Web. I mean everything about this poker room is unique. After all, uniqueness is its main selling point, and so far it seems to be working wonderfully. As far as the software and the GUI are concerned, PKR is still in a league of its own, other poker rooms cannot even hope to match any time soon. Personally, I’m very curious to see the emergence of a poker room that becomes a direct competitor to PKR. That will probably mean that we hit a new era in the history of online poker. A competition like that will make all other online poker interfaces seem obsolete in no time at all. PKR also offers incredible 3D graphics and realistic gameplay. You can even render yourself in 3D into the game. Talk about the future of online poker – as previously quoted by WPT Poker:
“it’s Texas Hold’em meets The Sims”.

PKR Customer support and customer care

PKR certainly cares about its customers. They feature a poker school on their website for those who are just getting acquainted with the game, and – given the fact that their software is much more intricate than what you’d normally find in a poker room – a user guise as well.
Other than that, people can ask them questions by filling out an online form, or by taking advantage of their live chat feature.

PKR Security

Site security is top notch (I haven’t heard any complaints about it whatsoever), as thousands of users can confirm, who have played at their room for almost a year and a half now.

Deposit and withdrawal options and details

PKR accepts deposits and honors withdrawals through most of the usual online and offline payment methods, yet they offer a special bonus for those who use Moneybookers.

Awards and testimonials

rom the first moment you glance upon their homepage, it becomes obvious that safe gambling is very high on PKR’s list of priorities. They are certified by the Gaming Association, Gamble Aware, ICRA, GamCare and Gamble Control.