World Series of Poker 2008 Satellites at UltimateBet

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Ultimate Bet has once again come up with a unique approach to WSOP participation by its members. They feature WSOP prize packages just like any other site, packages which consist of: the $10,000 WSOP Main Event buy-in, $2,000 in travel and expenses, and something that no other site offers their players: membership in an army, the UB army which is poised to take Vegas by assault this summer in an attempt to greedily loot as much of the WSOP prize pool as possible for the benefit of its members. 
Now that’s a “desert storm” I would definitely want to take part in.

If you take down one of the WSOP packages that they offer, you’ll automatically become a member of this army. Being a UB army member offers some pretty unique benefits. As a UB soldier, you’ll be required to go after players sent to the WSOP by other sites. These guys will have a bounty on their heads, just begging for a soldier to take it down. The army member who lasts the longest in the Main Event wins a travel and buy-in package to the 2008 Aruba Poker Classic.

Being a member of such an elite strike-force doesn’t just carry obligations though. This military organization looks after its each and every member. No soldier will go home empty handed come retirement time. 25% of what the leadership (UB’s team of poker pros) generates will be distributed among the GIs. Furthermore, 10% of all the action that UB army members generate at the tables will be matched by Ultimate Bet, money which shall again be distributed among the infantrymen.