Thousand Dollar Daily Give-away at Ultimate Bet

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Ultimate Bet has decided that the time has come to make a bit of a fuss over their Blackjack players; show them that they're appreciated. Appreciated to the tune of $1,000 every day that is! That's right, until April 21st Blackjack players at Ultimate bet could be in for a $1,000 bonus every day, this is how it works.

Ultimate Bet has put aside $1,000 for every day between now and the 21st of April. This money will be given to the players who gets the most number of natural blackjacks in any one day. A day starts at 12:00:00 ET at runs through to 11:59:59 ET, in other words midnight to midnight. Throughout the day a leader's board will show whose leading and with how many naturals – at the end of the day the player who is at the top of the board will be awarded a very handsome $1,000 courtesy of Ultimate Bet. Each natural blackjack you hit accounts for one point on the Blackjack Fever Leader Board. To give you an example, Thongraider (nice name) who won $1,000 on April 2nd got 571 points, hence 571 natural blackjacks.

So, for your chance at $1,000 today and tomorrow and the next day get to Ultimate Bet, start playing on a single or multiplayer cash game, and don't stop playing until the clock turns zero.