The UltimateBet Aruba Classic – Prize Pool of at Least $2,500,000

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The UltimateBet Aruba Classic is much more than a simple live poker event. Even if the prize pool is huge, and there are all sorts of celebrities taking part in it, the location makes sure even those who bust out without ever coming close to finishing ITM (in the money), will have the time of their lives.

It all started in 2002, when the winner of the first UltimateBet Aruba Classic took home $50,000. Certainly, the value of the dollar was different back then, but if you consider that the winner of the 2005 event took home 1 million dollars, you’ll still have to admit there’s a huge difference. 
That difference comes to show you how much this live poker event gained in popularity over the course of just 3 years.

Being that we’re in 2007 right now (at least until December 31st, that is) you do the math; 
You can always go to Aruba on your own expense, pay the buy-in and play, however, given the possibilities that Ultimate Bet provides, that would be quite foolish for a person on a tight budget. The buy-in to the tourney itself costs $5,000+$500, which is not exactly cheap by any standards. In case you play at Ultimate Bet and you qualify through one of their satellites, that buy-in will be paid for you. Just to top things off, you’ll also receive $3,000 for travel and accommodation.

You can satellite your way to the event, for as little as $10, and there are also a whole bunch of sub-satellites available.
No abuse will be tolerated at the event, in whatever shape or form it may come. Do not expose your cards during the action, do not throw cards off the table, act in a civilized manner and stick to poker etiquette.

The UltimateBet Aruba classic will make you feel like a winner no matter how good a poker player you are.