More from the WSOP with Everest Poker

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Promotions for the WSOP are hardly a rarity; ones that are a little unusual however, most certainly are. None-the-less, even in today's climate of every poker site helping you get to Vegas, Everest Poker have managed to come up with a unique WSOP 2009 promotion.

There are qualifiers and satellites to the WSOP 2009 Main Event running through Everest Poker, starting from as little as $3, but whilst those are great they are not the great promotion that is setting Everest Poker apart from the rest. What Everest Poker is choosing to do, in a unique move is to reward every player who qualifies for the Main Event through the site, not just with a package but with an equal part of the equivalent won prize pool. Confused? Don't be, this is how it works.

Every player who gets to the WSOP Main Event through Everest Poker will be rewarded with a share of the total prize-pool of all Everest Poker qualifiers. This means that if 50 players qualify for the Main Event through Everest Poker, of which 10 finish in the money, Everest Poker will match all the winnings of the 10 who finished in the money and will distribute it between all of their 50 qualifiers. So, if the 10 people in the money won a collective amount of $400,000 Everest Poker will match that sum and share it between the 50 qualifiers, so everyone will get $8,000. Therefore even if you don't finish in the money you may still be a winner, and if you are in the money, you're playing not just for yourself but for the whole team.