Everest Poker, More than just Poker

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Everest Poker already provides an all round good poker experience to its customers, but it seems that this is not enough – they want to go one step forward. It is precisely this step that a recent press release brought every-one's attention to when it announced that the site will be offering the chance to make purchases in an online poker store. The store is likely to be called the Everest Poker Summit Points Store, and it does just what its name suggests.

Aimed at providing an outlet for member loyalty points, the store will enable Everest Poker customers to use their summit points on a wide variety of poker related paraphernalia. The points are of course accumulated on the Everest Poker site, with various points allocations depending on the real money game being played. The joy of the shop is that the virtual points can be turned into physical gifts – a treat for yourself. Likely to be on sale will be poker accessories, video games, books, computers, electronics, accessories, and fashion. You can also find a good range of Everest Poker branded items such as jackets, USB pens, and drinking bottles, and some slightly more extraordinary items for example a Seadoo Seascooter GTI, and even an Aston Martin DB9 Coupe!