March to the Top with Devilfish Poker

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Rake races are becoming more and more popular these days in the world of online poker. They represent an excellent opportunity for the poker room to collect as much rake as possible and to offer an interesting way for players to compete. 
Devilfish Poker’s own rake race is part of the March to the Top promotion. It is a rake race offering €150,000 in prizes for the top 101 finishers. The race takes place during March, and it offers the top 10 finishers the chance to square off at a final table for a first prize of €25,000.

The ‘Climb the Cash Mountain’ promotion offers various stages its players can reach for various rewards. The stages are marked “A, B, C” etc. and they lead up to the top ten. The players who finish in the top ten at the end of the month, will get to play in a special final table event for a prize pool of €75,000 with the winner getting a €25,000 prize.

The interesting thing about the final table is that players will start with different stacks. Their stack size will be the equivalent of their month-end VIP balance divided by 5, plus an extra stack added to it which gets bigger the higher up they finish on the leader board.

You don’t have to do anything special to take part in the March to the Top rake race. All players will be included automatically. The prizes won in the ‘March to the Top’ will be paid out till March 10th 2009. Your winnings will not be deducted from any of the Devilfish bonuses or promotions you take part in.