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Devilfish poker was closed therefore all links on that page leads to PokerStars. iBased on pro player Dave “Devilfish” Ulliott, Devilfish Poker is one of the newest online poker rooms in the industry. This being said, Devilfish’s traffic isn’t very high yet, but it’s sure to get there since the promotions are excellent.

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Brand Summary

Devilfish Poker
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About Dave Ulliott

Dave Ulliott was born in 1954 in Hull, England, Dave Ulliott never really saw any motivation in conventional education. He left school at the age of 15 never to return again, and started working as a trophy maker. Following a few extremely successful bets, he became involved in horse-racing, an activity which eventually led to him being fired (he spent more time at the track than at work). It was all downhill for him from that point on, but then again, it depends on how one looks at things. He became involved with the underworld, got into fights on the street, cracked safes and robbed stores at gunpoint. One might say it was a natural continuation to his ‘career’ when he got sent to jail on charges of robbery. After his release, he started working different jobs: he worked at a timber-yard for a while, then as a bouncer. Soon however, he got back to his old safe-cracking ways, and landed in the slammer again. When he was released again, Ulliott met his second wife and went straight.
It was around this time that he started organizing home games, and discovered his talent for poker. Dave Ulliott went on to win a WSOP bracelet, finish in the money 24 times in WSOP events, and obtain a 72nd place in the Main Event in 2004. He also holds a WPT title, was present at 3 WPT final tables, and finished in the money 7 times.
The author of the book: ‘Swimming with the Devilfish’, Ulliott now enjoys life as a successful poker professional and he now ‘organises’ his poker games online too, at Devilfish

Player Traffic

Given the fact that Dave Ulliott used to play for Ultimate Bet, the whole feel about Devilfish Poker would be the same as that of UB, had it not been for the touch-up that his personal ‘charm’ gave to the site. The whole thing is built around an underground theme which fits his character nicely, as the player is reminded that he should leave brass knuckles and guns at the door when entering.
Player traffic is not that great yet, but given how new the room is, that is not exactly a surprise. They have an on-site counter for their online players, and provided it works well, it showed 1926 players when I accessed it, but mind you that it was nowhere near British or U.S. peak hours.
The quality of the competition is varied, although some time still needs to pass until sharks begin to find the room interesting, which means there’s relatively loose action in there now.


Since the software that Devilfish Poker uses is the same as the Ultimate Bet one (graphics are mostly customized with special skins and backgrounds) its characteristics are obviously the same as that of UB.
Graphics are not fancy, but tables still manage to look good and the whole thing avoids the ‘dated’ appearance so many other poker rooms are plagued by. Functionality and stability is excellent. Multi tabling is great, there is currently no limit set to the number of tables at which one can simultaneously play, and even with many such tables opened in mini view, the software runs smoothly, with no noticeable loss of speed.
The statistics supplied are the usual ones (flops viewed percentage, average pots etc) and players have the possibility to take notes on their opponents.

Sign Up Bonus

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In some of the reviews that I read about Devilfish Poker, the author decried the lack of any kind of sign-up or first deposit bonus. Sure, an underground poker room bearing Ulliott’s name is supposed to be rude, but that would be too much of a good (or bad?) thing. Apparently when those reviews were written, the bonus section of the site was still a work in progress. Well, it’s here now, and it’s every bit as competitive as one would expect from a poker room endorsed by such an illustrious name.
Keeping with the theme of sin, crime and other such dark aspects of human nature, the Devilfish Poker bonus offered is a “wicked” 200% match on one’s first deposit, up to €1000. That is the maximum you can get, and a deposit of €444 is required for it.
A few things you must know about the bonus: it is valid for 30 days, which means that you have 30 days to generate the required amount of poker points to unlock the whole bonus. Don’t worry, if you only generate 60% of the required amount, you still won’t go home empty-handed: at the end of the month, you’ll get 60% of the bonus amount you would’ve been entitled to.
If you accumulate the required amount in 10 days, all is fine, but you’ll still have to wait 20 more days till you’ll get your hands on your bonus.


Not only does Devilfish Poker offer promotions to their players, these promotions are some of the more generous ones seen in online poker anywhere.
They have a ‘Refer a friend’ promotion, which offers players a €50 reward for referring someone, and a €25 bonus to the referred player.
Every Sunday is Sinday at Devilfish Poker. This means that there are special €666 money-added tournaments running every Sunday, for a buy-in of €6.66.
The €100k guaranteed is Devilfish Poker’s monthly guaranteed tournament flagship. The direct buy-in to this event is €200, but one can satellite his/her way to a seat for a mere €2.
There are also daily freerolls running at Devilfish Poker, with prize pools of 2X€50 and €100 respectively.
Their most interesting promotion is the bad beat jackpot. A player who loses on four Queens or higher (there are set minimum Bad Beat jackpot hands for every poker variant featured) wins 40% of the jackpot. The winner gets 20%, and all dealt-in participants get 20% too, with 20% going on to seed the next jackpot. Other promotions: go to EMOP Bulgaria


Devilfish Poker currently offers e-mail support only. They have a form on their support page, and they do not get pesky asking for a whole list of details to be completed when someone asks them something.
They offer support in English, Russian, Finnish and Swedish, but they do state that they prefer to receive e-mails in English because they can deal with those much faster.