The Devilfish Poker Hellfire Club

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Devilfish Poker’s loyalty program is called “The Hellfire Club”. The program has undergone a recent overhaul and now it offers more rewards with smaller requirements, making sure that players of all levels and bankroll-sizes are duly rewarded for their loyalty. 
Now, by generating a mere 300 VIP Points, you’ll already earn yourself a monthly VIP bonus. This of course doesn’t mean that high rollers will be short-changed. They too will receive huge monthly VIP bonuses, the kind that they’ve gotten used to.

Joining the Hellfire Club is relatively easy. All you have to do is send an email to the Hellfire group support, and request membership. As a member of the Hellfire Club, you’ll be earning VIP Points every time you play at a real money cash table or a tournament one. At cash tables, you’ll be earning 1 VIP point for every €0.5 you contribute in rake. As far as tournaments go, you’ll be earning 1 VIP point for every €0.5 you pay out in tournament fees.

As a Hellfire Club member, you’ll also be eligible for a monthly VIP bonus. The size of your VIP bonus depends on the number of points you generate during a month’s time. The minimum is 300 VIP points, which earns you €25. There are 6 VIP levels, each requiring more and more VIP points and awarding bigger and bigger bonuses. If you happen to earn a number of points which gets you stuck between two levels, you’ll be rewarded for your extra points which are left hanging too.

The VIP Points can be used for another purpose too: as buy-in in various tournaments. As a general site policy: you cannot earn more bonuses than 50% of the total rake and tournament fees that you pay.