Absolute Poker Promotions and Best Bonuses

Get $500 Bonus Here

First deposit bonus and reload bonuses
Every savvy online poker player knows, the quality of a bonus (be that a first deposit or a reload one) depends especially on the speed and ease with which it can be unlocked. It is also a widely known fact, that apparently generous bonuses usually have something to hide, in the sense that they’re awful difficult to unlock, and they are tied to a tight deadline. 
All this may be absolutely true, however, we’ll need to make an exception in Absolute Poker’s case. You see, the bonus here is both generous, and easy to unlock in the same time. 
You’ll get a 150% match on your first deposit, up to a whopping $500, money which will immediately land in your pending bonus account. It will be transferred to your real money account as you play and unlock it and yes, it is conditioned by a deadline: 60 days from the moment you make your deposit. 
So far nothing unexpected. The difference is made by how you unlock the bonus. For every raked hand that you play in a cash-game (raked hands are only considered those which generate at least 50 cents in rake) you receive a Poker Point. For every 20 such points, you get $5 of your bonus not only unlocked, but transferred to your real money account as well. This way, maintaining a continuous trickle of cash towards your account is quite achievable. 
Tourney fees also earn you poker points. For every dollar paid out in tournament fees, you get one such poker point. No matter how one looks at it, this is a way more efficient bonus-unlocking method than what you’ll find at most other poker rooms. 
If the tournament fee is under a dollar, it will be rounded up to the nearest whole number (0.9 in fees will still earn you a whole poker point).

Absolute Poker’s Bad Beat Jackpot
Bad beats happen in poker all the time. The reason why it seems to us that they come about more often in online poker is probably that there are far more hands played on an hourly basis than it would ever be possible in live poker. More hands mean more possibilities for bad beats. 
Some bad beats are reasonable (like losing on a set against a flush) but others are downright insane. Would you ever believe you could lose on four kings or aces? I wouldn’t either. Yet, it happens. 
Those on the losing end of such hands however, have something they can fall back upon these days. 
Absolute Poker’s Bad Beat Jackpot tables make sure the enormous bad luck is instantly turned around and transformed into a once in a lifetime win.
The terms for the AP Bad Beat jackpot are the usual ones: they collect $0.5 more off each raked hand played at a BBJP table. Raked hands are considered those in which the regular rake is at least $0.25.
All this extra money adds up to form a giant progressive jackpot. 
When a player goes up against another hand on four 8s or higher, and loses, he’ll become eligible for the jackpot. 
Of all the money gathered up in the jackpot, 65% will be shared among the players at the table like so: 50% of it goes to the sour (not for long though) loser, 25% to the winner, and 25% to the other players around the table. Sit outs earn squat. 
In case you were wondering where the remaining 35% of the jackpot went, 25% will move on to form the basis of the following BBJP, and 10% belongs to the poker room.
If you consider yourself unlucky, you may want to hit AP’s BBJP tables, because being unlucky can pay huge dividends here.

Other AP promotions
We all know Absolute Poker is a genuine promotions bonanza, but let us take a closer look at exactly what they have to offer, anyway.
To start with, there’s the first-deposit bonus. I already analyzed that, and I don’t have much more to say about it. Absolute Poker’s bonus is unusually easy to unlock.
Then there’s the blackjack lottery. AP, like many other high-profile online poker rooms also offers their players blackjack. If you do play and you do get a blackjack, you’ll be entered into the blackjack lottery and you’ll be eligible to win iPods, Nintendo consoles and cash.
Since blackjack is proving to be unexpectedly popular on AP, the room’s raised the stakes, and now offers players a 150% match on their deposit, up to no less than $750. Reload bonuses are also available now in the shape of a 60% match, up to $ 240. Playing blackjack at AP has never been quite so rewarding.
Apparently, AbsolutePoker is having trouble lately to find excuses for giving money away. Why on earth would they want to give $100 to the players who create the best avatars between Sept the 7th and December the 31st is beyond me, but that’s exactly what they’re doing. Only the AP team will vote and thus decide upon the best avatars, and those created prior to the promotion’s start date, do not qualify.
There are reload bonuses available for online poker as well, not just blackjack. These bonuses will come in the form of a match on the deposit itself, between 15-150%.
The Absolute Dream Package is one of those promotions which offer nearly priceless rewards. The value of one of these packages is estimated at $100K, however, it is pretty darn well possible it exceeds that. 
We’re talking about entries to major WPT (World Poker Tour), EPT (European Poker Tour) and WSOP (World Series of Poker) events here, tickets to sports events, season’s passes to some of AP’s most valuable in-house tourneys, etc.
AP has decided to reward those who spend time at their play money tables as well. Once you reach 10 million play-money chips, you’ll be entered into a hall of fame and your account will be credited with 50 of the most genuine and real US dollars ever. 
It’s crazy, I tell you…