Absolute Blackjack Bonus at Absolute Poker

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Absolute Poker has introduced a new bonus, and this one's for blackjack players. The Blackjack Blowout Bonus will be running until April 21st and will be awarding $1,000 every day to the player that gets the greatest number of natural blackjacks each day. You will see on the site a leader board which will be updated showing which of the Absolute Poker players is doing the best, hitting the most, and getting the closest to that $1k daily payout.

In order to qualify for the Blackjack Blowout Bonus you must be playing single player or multiplayer real money blackjack, and the natural can not be the result of a push or split. Just to remind you a natural is exactly 21 from your first draw, that's a combination of an ace and a 10-card.

The leader board will be reset at midnight every night, and will run until one second before midnight, giving you a second less than 24 hours each day to get you're name on it. Remember that this is only single and multi player money games – tournaments don't count, and should you happen to draw with someone at the top of the leader board the $1k will be given to whoever played the most hands during that day.

If you think that a natural is an uncommon phenomenon, you'd be surprised; winners so far have been scoring literally hundreds of naturals each day. Therefore, with $1k every day being handed out, it's got to be a good time to get to those blackjack tables, and start looking for those naturals.