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If you have a poker website, becoming a Full Tilt Poker affiliate is your bulletproof way into the money, if you know what I mean. The amount of revenue you’ll be earning will depend directly on the number of players you refer, which - in turn – depends on the traffic you get on your website. Get to work, crank that baby up the SERPS and provide something for your visitors that will keep them coming back. Theoretically, you’ll be able to make money even with a half-heartedly built site with stale content, but in order to maximize your revenue, you’ll need to whip it into shape.
The way you’ll be making your money is simple: once you decide you’re all set to become a Full Tilt affiliate, you click the links on this page and sign up to their program. They’ll provide you with a special tracking code which you’ll build into your links. This code will let Full Tilt know which players have come in via your site. You’ll also receive as much promotional material as you need: Full Tilt banners, resources, Full Tilt bonus codes, etc. All you need to figure out is how you can best set them up in different sections of your site and your homepage to maximize your conversion rate. While it’s mostly a trial-and-error kind of undertaking, placing banners and obvious links in your left-menu and in your text-body, right where the most interesting piece of information is, should help your efforts greatly. Full Tilt Poker will keep you posted on the best promotions that they run, so you’ll be able to offer them for your visitors, right from the horse’s mouth.
As you sign up as an affiliate, Full Tilt Poker will provide you a password protected affiliate account of your own, where you’ll be able to track the number of players who sign up through your site, as well as the amount of revenue that they generate, pretty much in real time. As far as your share of the action is concerned, your Full Tilt Poker affiliation allows you to opt for two revenue plans. The CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) plan will pay you a set sum for each and every player that you refer. This means once you’re paid for your guy, you will not make any more money on that particular person.
The RevShare plan makes more sense at first glance: Full Tilt Poker will give you a % share of the rake the player in question generates, for the rest of his life.
While it is great to earn money over and over on a guy who plays a lot, many of the players you’ll refer will end up not playing at all. For such players, the CPA plan would be more lucrative. Unfortunately, you need to opt for one or the other, you can’t have them both.

Sign up today, and get your share of the billions of dollars online poker generates each year. Let your site work for you, even while you sleep.

What’s an excellent way to make even more money than what you’d normally earn as a Full Tilt Poker affiliate? Bring sub-affiliates into the scheme. Refer people who - in turn – will refer others. Full Tilt offers you 20% on the revenue that these sub-affiliates of yours generate. This way, you’ll end up earning money without even knowing about it, let alone lifting a single finger for it.

If you set out on your own, you’ll find that internet marketing is a trial and error business, which can grow extremely frustrating in time. If you become a Full Tilt affiliate though, forget about frustrations. These guys have the best brand name out there, the best available marketing tools and the best (and most numerous) professional player team out there. If they can’t help you get to the goods, no one can. Add their widgets to your website and watch the power of battle-tested marketing schemes in action.

Your Full Tilt Poker affiliation comes with these special tools:

Use the Full Tilt affiliate banners. Everyone knows some of the members of Team Full Tilt. Never underestimate what a familiar face can achieve conversions-wise. The Full Tilt banners feature pros like Phil Ivey to keep your visitors up to date on the latest promotions.

Hot news is always interesting. Keep your content fresh and capture your visitors’ undivided attention with the News Widget that Full Tilt poker provides its affiliates. This news widget will also cause your visitors to return time and time again, thus further boosting your traffic.

Everyone loves to hear what the pros have to say. The Full Tilt Pro Tips Widget will provide your site with fresh tips right from the pros’ mouths all the time. Imagine the impact of that on your visitor-base.

People love tournaments. That’s a fact. News and updates about tournaments are always music to a good poker player’s ears. Keep them well-informed through the Tournaments Widget that Full Tilt offers.

I know for a fact that generous promotions are a magnet for new player sign-ups. People tend to look for bargains all the time. Give them what they’re looking for via the Full Tilt Promotions Widget.

The Full Tilt commercials are well known to everyone who hasn’t been living in a cave for the past two years. Use the Commercials Widget to make your site more attractive and to retain your visitors.

The Full Tilt Poker Quiz is a sure way to get your visitors involved and interested. It features Full Tilt pro team members, who would be ignorant enough to skip it?

Offering your players private tourneys is one of the best ways to make them sign up through your affiliate links. Such private tourneys often offer great prizes and EV+ for all participants. This one is a guaranteed way to secure more sign-ups.