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To become PartyPoker affiliate it is recommended that you make sure your site is set up, is unique with relevant content, and is ranked in search engines. The links here will open a new window directing you to PartyPoker affiliate sign up page which also provides you comprehensive information on PartyPoker affiliation program.

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What is an Affiliate?
An affiliate relationship is a partnership between the merchant, PartyPartners, and you, the Affiliate. When you or real money players (RMPs) and/or your Sub-affiliates generate revenue, we, PartyPartners, will reward you with revenue share (Percentage Payment Plan) and/or cost per acquisition payments (Per Sign-up Plan).

Accruals - Your Affiliate payables calculated on the basis of the payment plans you have chosen and the player activity relevant to those plans.

Affiliate - An individual who markets one or more of the PartyGaming brands and earns revenue from real money players' generated revenue.

Affiliate Network - A partnership between PartyPartners, and you, the affiliate. PartyPartners gives you revenue on referred players' and/or Sub-affiliates' revenue generation via our gaming brands.

Affiliate Tracking - The process of automatically tracking real money player activity to your Affiliate account via a unique Tracker ID or bonus code.

Assured Revenues - Guaranteed monthly accruals based on the money that your referred players are wagering, with no need to worry whether they win or lose. Plus, you benefit from having no negative carry-overs for all House Win games.

Banner - An electronic advertisement or billboard such as an animated GIF, Flash Movie or JPEG that advertises a product, service, or web site. Beneficiary The Commercial entity that gets paid the rewards for your activities as a PartyPartners affiliate.

Bonus Card - An offline marketing material that affiliates can use to incentivize potential new players to sign up and play. Available in the Marketing Materials section.

Bonus Code - If you are promoting our brands offline (for example, through flyers, bonus cards, CD distribution, etc.), we will track your referred players' activity via a bonus code that is linked to a Tracker ID. This enables us to produce accurate revenue calculations and pay your accruals.

Browser A client program - (software), such as Internet Explorer, Netscape, or Opera, that is used to look at various kinds of Internet resources.

Cashier - The section where you can cash out your payments.

Cookies - Small text files stored on the visitor's computer that record information of interest to the merchant site.

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) - A PartyPartners payment option where you receive an up-front, one-off payment per RMP to any of the PartyPartners brands you are promoting.

Datewise Report - A report where you can view your data by individual day, available in the Reporting Suite.

Deposit Bonus Code - The PartyGaming Player Management team regularly offers Deposit Bonus Codes to your existing referred players to stimulate new deposits and increase action at the tables.

Deductions - Deductions are made for Bonuses, chargebacks, refunds, and processing costs.

Dynamic Tournament Feeds (RSS) -'s continuously updated, dynamic tournament feed (in RSS or XML format) gives you the opportunity to keep your players informed about tournament timetables. It also encourages them to register for upcoming tournaments.

FAQ - Frequently asked questions.

Gross Revenue - The sum total of all players' contribution to all rakes with which they are involved less Bonuses, Chargebacks, Refunds, and Processing Costs.

HTML Code - Refers to the lines of code that an Affiliate places on their web page(s) to create links to the website of one of PartyPartners' brands.

HTML Mailer - Promotional emails that affiliates can send to potential or existing referred players to encourage them to register or play more at

Impression - How many times a page or banner advertisement was displayed or viewed.

Kick Start - The Kick Start facility enables you to start earning payments by encouraging your friends and colleagues to play at

Manage Your Account - Everything you need to manage your PartyPartners Affiliate account, available in the Members Area.

Marketing Materials - Everything you need to support your marketing campaigns, both online and offline, available in the Members Area.

Marketing Tools - All the marketing help and information you need to maximize your revenue, available in the Members Area.

Members Area - The exclusive Affiliate area on MGR Real money player-generated revenue.

Monthly Statement - A monthly summary of all your PartyPartners accruals that you can print and keep for your records. This summary is part of in the Manage Your Accounts section.

Master affiliate - You become a Master Affiliate when you set up a Sub-affiliate network.

Payment Plans - The financial reward that PartyPartners pays to you for any referred player revenue that you generate via the PartyGaming brands.
Personal Affiliate Account Manager - Your Dedicated Account Manager. Your Account Manager is committed to maximizing your revenue and is your primary contact within PartyPartners.
Player Incentive Sign-up bonus - This is a special introductory offer designed to encourage potential new players to register and start playing.

Play for Free Player (PFF) - A player who has not yet made a Real Money Deposit. Poker MGR Real money player-generated revenue.

Quick Cash - The QuickCash facility allows you to transfer your marketing dollars from your player account into your new player's accounts.

Reporting Suite - PartyPartners' comprehensive Reporting Suite offers you a reliable and effective way to find out exactly how much you're earning, track your players' activity, and analyze the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. These reports are available to view or print whenever you log in, wherever you are.

Report Summary - An overview of your data available for yesterday, last week, the month to date, and for the last calendar month. The report summary is available in the Reporting Suite. Revenue Share With this PartyPartners payment option, you will receive monthly ongoing payments for the lifetime of your referred players.

RMP -A player who has signed up with a PartyPartners brand and made at least one Real money Deposit.

Sub-Affiliate - A Sub-affiliate is a person you recommend and register as a PartyPartners affiliate. When she or he starts referring new RMPs, you will start earning additional payments. Sub-affiliates receive the same benefits as normal affiliates. Plus, as a Master Webmaster (MWM), you will be able to view their activity and revenue generation in a dedicated Sub-affiliate report available in the Reporting Suite.

Sub-affiliate Summary - A summary of the performance of your Sub-affiliate network, available in the Reporting Suite.

TP - The total number of Accounts Opened. Some of these players could have made a deposit and become RMP.

Tracker ID - If you are promoting our brands online (for example, on a website, email database, etc.), we will track your referred players via a Tracker ID. When you register as a PartyPartners affiliate, a unique Tracker ID is automatically created for you. This will ensure that all your referred player and Sub-affiliate activity is tracked to you. This enables us to produce accurate revenue calculations.

Tracker ID and Bonus Code Report - An overview of your Tracker ID and bonus code activity, available in the Reporting Suite.

Tracking Method - The way in which PartyPartners tracks your referred player activity to your Affiliate account, thereby allowing us to produce accurate accruals.

Tracker ID and Bonus Code Generator - Where you create your new Tracker IDs and bonus codes, available in the Manage Your Account section.

Unique Clicks - A metric in affiliate reportings, this value is the number of distinct users who have visited your affiliate link. Unique clicks are typically tracked by recording the IP address and browser header.

Upline - Affiliate who referred you to the program or the affiliate who referred him/her. Your upline can be traced up through the program hierarchy across any number of levels, although most of your contact will be with the affiliate immediately above you.

User - Referred player. Viral Marketing The rapid adoption of a product or forwarding of an offer to friends and family though word of mouth or email.