Titan Poker Promotion - European Championship of Online Poker

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Every online poker player's computer. If you want a chance to play against skilled poker players and win millions of dollars in as little as ten days, then check out the satellites available at Titan Poker. 

Judging from the success of ECOOP I in December 2007 where $2.5 million was given away, ECOOP II will be more than worth your while. ECOOP II will award $3.6 million over ten days of tournaments. The best part is you can enter a satellite for as little as $1 and win your seat. If you decide to simply buy-in then see below for buy-in amounts and tournament schedule or for the satellite schedule check out Titan Poker's website.

In the meantime, you can work on securing your place on the ECOOP II leaderboard and win a seat in a $50,000 Freeroll. The top hundred players will be entitled to participate in the $50,000 GP Freeroll which will take place seventy hours after the ECOOP II Main Event.

$3.6 million Guaranteed Tournament Schedule (May 23 – June 1)

Day one – NL Hold'em – Buy-in $200+$15 (Prize: $250,000)
Day two – PLO Hi-Lo R/A – Buy-in $100+$9 (Prize: $100,000)
Day three – NL Hold'em –Buy-in $300+$20 (Prize: $500,000)
Day four – PLO Rebuy – Buy-in $100+$9 (Prize: $150,000)
Day five – NL Hold'em – Buy-in $750+$50 (Prize: $300,000)
Day six – NL Hold'em 6 Max – Buy-in $200+$15 (Prize: $200,000)
Day seven – Limit Hold'em – Buy-in $200+$15 (Prize: $100,000)
Day eight – NL Hold'em Rebuy – Buy-in $100+$9 (Prize: $300,000)
Day nine – PL Omaha – Buy-in $250+$18 (Prize: $150,000)
Day ten – Main Event NL Hold'em – Buy-in $1,000+$60 (Prize: $1,500,000)
MVP Freeroll – NL Hold'em – Buy-in Freeroll (Prize: $50,000)

Editorial Review

A relatively new poker room, Titan poker has a whole bunch of things working for it, and only a few working against it.
Being part of the Playtech iPoker network, Titan Poker gets some really good player traffic. Not only as far as quantity goes, but quality-wise as well. You see, most players at Titan Poker are fish. For whatever reason (Titan doesn’t really have a casino or a sportsbook section, so we can’t even pin it on that…) games here are extremely loose. This means, while they are easy to beat on one hand, on the other hand they present good players with some wild and sometimes extremely frustrating variance (don’t tell me you don’t get at least a bit frustrated when you’re outdrawn on the river for the third consecutive time by three different players, all on some seriously negative expected value plays).
That put aside though, there’s some pretty good value in Titan’s games. If you’re a bit of a fish yourself, you’ll feel right at home here.

OK, so this is one of the benefits of belonging to Playtech’s network. The other one is obviously the fact that together with membership comes an excellent piece of client software. Not only is it flawless as far as functionality goes, both the lobby and the tables manage to look good graphically.

I have played at Titan Poker for a while and at other iPoker network sites as well. I can tell you, other than the sometimes annoying sounds, I never found any glitches in their software.
Another great plus for Titan Poker – at least in my book – is that they have an impressive anti collusion and fraud system. It basically scans every move each player makes in the game, and it pays attention to the betting patterns (just about the only way to detect collusion). As soon as it spots something, human operators analyze the situation and decide the fate of the suspected player. Obviously, when you’re playing online poker on your own hard-earned money, last thing you want is go up against a wise-guy who is colluding with one of your table-mates. In this respect, you can rest assured you will get a fair game at this poker room. Transactions-security is also top-priority for these guys, so you don’t really have to be concerned in that respect either, I never heard of any incidents involving the transfer of funds to and from Titan Poker.

The signup bonus Titan offers is not the most generous ever, but it’s not half bad though: they will give new players a 100% match on their first deposit up to $500, and access to a weekly Depositors’ Freeroll, with $1000 guaranteed cash prizes.
A sure sign that Titan truly values customer-loyalty, is the fact that they offer a reload bonus as well, up to $200. Players who redeposit, will again gain access to the above mentioned $1000 freeroll.

First-time players also get the chance to earn $10 completely free and with no strings attached. All they have to do is deposit at least $50, and on top of the $50 bonus (which has to be unlocked of course, by way of playing raked hands) they will have $10 transferred to their account almost immediately. Sure, it’s not much in terms of poker winnings, but go ahead, ask people on the street to give you $10 for free, see how lucky you get.

As far as game-selection goes, Titan Poker has the usual stuff: Texas Holdem (NL, PL FL versions), Omaha Hi, Omaha Hi-Lo, and 7-Card Stud. If you’re looking for Razz or Pineapple, or some other more exotic poker variant, this is probably not the room to come to.

Despite the fact that they’re not exactly a huge poker room yet, Titan Poker does not want to neglect its customers. They have a live chat feature, where customers can talk to a support-staff member. My experience as an online poker player shows, this is by far the most efficient support-method.