Spring Cash Dash at Titan Poker

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Over half a million dollars is going to be up for grabs at Titan Poker in the course of April in the Spring Cash Dash. The Spring Cash Dash is a leader board race whereby players will be allocated points for all raked cash table games – the more points the more chance of finishing in the money.

The month is split neatly into three sections for prize winning and allocation, and this is how it works. Between April 1st and 14th there is a total of $200,000 in Prize money which will be won by 200 players; between April 17th and 30th there will be $240,000 of prize money which will be won by 200 players. The third period of play and reward will span the whole of the month and will have a prize pool of $60,000 made up of tournament entrance packages and prizes. The higher the rake range is the more points you will get, for example a game with a rake range of between $0.25 and $0.50 will get 1 point, and a game with a rake range of between $3.01 and $5 will get 10 points. The points you get will also be affected by the number of players receiving cards – the fewer players the higher the points. The biggest cash payout will be for the winner of the April 17th -30th leader board, who will get $15,000, however with 2 WSOP Main Event Packages and an ECOOP IV Main Event Package up for grabs in the full month leader board, the Titan Poker Spring Cash Dash could result in a much heftier prize.