Every Saturday - ‘Royal Tournament’ $20k Guaranteed: Be the King of Prime Poker

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Since tournaments are increasingly popular these days, no online poker room can afford to neglect their tournaments system, which has grown to become an integral part of the promotions system offered by any poker room.

Prime Poker is not falling behind the competition in this respect either. They feature a wide array of different buy-in and prize-pool tournaments, meant to satisfy all comers, from the recreational player to the high-roller.

Playing in tournaments has a set of inherent advantages for all players participating. They’ll be paying less rake, since they’ll only pay a set fee at the beginning of the tourney, and bankroll differences will be erased, as everyone starts a tourney with the same amount of chips. 
Prime Poker’s Royal Tournament is a weekly high EV+ tourney, to which the buy-ins are $10+$1, quite reasonable, considering that the guaranteed prize pool is a whopping $20,000.

The blinds will only increase every 12 minutes, so you can take a fairly relaxed approach to this one.