Prime DOUBLER – get double your winnings: $1000 becomes $2000, $2000 becomes $4000

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Prime Poker’s Double gives a whole new meaning to the expression “loyalty bonus”. Prime Poker respects its players, and considers it of utmost importance to satisfy all their poker-needs, not only for a short time (until they clear their sign-up bonus) but for the entire time they spend at Prime.

The Doubler is basically a recurring bonus, which is based on the winnings accumulated by players. If you end a month with a $100 win (that’s the minimum to qualify for the promo) your winnings will be doubled.

You’ll get another $100 added to your account. That sounds great, but it is also part of the deal, that you need to unlock this bonus as well. You have two months to do it, or it’ll expire and you’ll lose it.

VIP members get two extra months to redeem their bonus.

Only cash game winnings are considered for the Doubler bonus, and you have to generate 10 Poker Points for every dollar of the bonus to unlock it.