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Tournament Info

Tournaments are played until one player has all the chips.

Daily FreeRolls PokerChamps invites you to play at our deposit-free, daily FreeRolls. Each dayPokerChamps will have several FreeRolls, with Cash Prizes . Participation is absolutely free, no deposits or played hands required - it's free money!

Prizes Please check each Tournament Details page for detailed information. The money will be added to winners' RealMoney accounts after the tournament is completed. 

How to enter a PokerChamps tournament Using the Tourney Lobby in the client software you can loginand register directly for tournaments without going to the website. Registration and overviews are also available from the website. 

You can participate in several FreeRolls at the same time, due to our unique 4x4 table mode, but remember to set your screen resolution to minimum 1152 x 864 first. For each tournament you are in, you can check your rank in the Tournament Lobby view and in the Tourney Tab at the table you're seated. 

Another benefit of the Tourney Lobby is the possibility to see how your friends are doing in the tourneys - as in regular games, even if you are not participating. Simply click on any table or player name from the list to open that particular table in one of your views. 

To enter a tournament from the website, simply click on the "Tournaments" link. In the right hand of the browser window, you will be able to view all the tournaments available at the moment and results of the already played tournaments. If you select any tournament, you will see information about thistournament in the information box. Under the State column, look for a tournament which has a state of "Registering". The particulars of the tournament (game, structure and buy-in) are listed beside the state. Click on a tournament's "GO" arrow in "Registering" state to open a new window. Click the Register button, and log in. PokerChamps software will confirm your registration. 

You will need to have your PokerChamps client software active and be logged in at the client when the tournament starts (it is not necessary to be logged in on the website). In lobby views and in active table views, you will see this small popup as the tournament is about to begin.

  Go to Tourney table: 5 min. prior to tourney start you will see popup alerts like the one depicted here. Click one of the popups to make that view your tournament table.

Note: that for all tournaments and multi-table satellites, players are all assigned random seats to start the tournament. This is a countermeasure designed for your security. As is customary in poker tournaments, seat changes are not allowed. 

As in a regular poker game, when it is your turn to act, you may check, bet, raise, call or fold (where applicable). You will notice another feature called "Time Bank" when it is your turn to act, shown in your name box after a while of indecision. The Time Bank allows players extra time to decide on a course of action during a tournament, and will slowly deplete as it is used throughout the tournament. 

Tournament Details At any point during the tournament, players can check the tournament lobby for information about the tournament's progress. The lobby will show the current limit level for the tournament, information about players' stack sizes, and the breakdown of the prize pool. 

Unregistering Click on the Un-Register button from the details view of the relevant tournament. 

    Tournament Rules and Terms
  1. In case of server shut down, attacks or problems with PokerChamps software of any kind, PokerChamps and related companies or anyone affiliated with PokerChamps cannot be held responsible. PokerChamps will, if the tournament breaks down, restart it, or hold a new tournament as soon as possible.
  2. In the case that PokerChamps has to cancel a tournament the following policy applies: If the tournament was canceled before start, every player registered will get back the buy-in. FreeRolls canceled before start are of course not compensated, as there is no buy-in.
  3. If the tournament is in progress every remaining player will share the remaining prizepool in the following manner:
    • 50% of the remaining prize pool is divided evenly between remaining players.
    • 50% of the remaining prize pool is divided among remaining players relative to their chip stack when the cancellation occurred. Those who have already received prizes at the point of cancelation will of course keep the prize.
    • PokerChamps deeply apologize for any circumstances where we have to cancel a tournament and will do our best to compensate all players in a fast and fair way. Canceled FreeRolls are not compensated for, and the chipstacks are in no way connected to players' FunMoney accounts.
  4. It is not allowed to have more than one PokerChamps account per player. No player may register two different accounts using the same name and address. It is not allowed to register two accounts from the same computer in a FreeRoll.
  5. No employees at PokerChamps can win PokerChamps FreeRoll Tournaments.
  6. No player may lose a hand on purpose. If any collusion is detected, the player(s) will be disqualified.
  7. PokerChamps can disqualify any player for chat abuse or collusion without further notice.
  8. PokerChamps reserves the right to close down any account without notice or reason.
  9. PokerChamps reserves all rights at sole discretion to revise, suspend, modify or cancel any tournament without prior notice.
  10. The decisions of PokerChamps Management are final.
  11. The real money you have won are yours and do not require a certain number of raked hands played before being available to you. You can wager them just like any other real money. However, in order to cash them out or perform a user-to-user transfer, you have to make a one-time US$ 30 minimum deposit to your account. This is entirely so that we can legally establish a transaction record with you. You can cash out the activation deposit after verification of the transaction.
  12. By playing in PokerChamps FreeRoll Tournaments, or downloading PokerChamps software, you agree in the above rules and any other rules mentioned on the PokerChamps webpages.