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4x4 PokerPlay
PokerChamps has developed a variety of never before seen features which allow our players to experience the poker game at its best. PokerChamps goal was to create software, which would make playing at site as realistic and easy as possible. Some of thier features are so unique that PokerChamps is the only Internet poker room in the world where you can find them. 

Four tables in one window - (4x4PokerPlay™): PokerChamps is the only Internet poker room in the world that offers their players the possibility to view up to 4 tables at the same time in one window. Now you can easily follow the action, and you can avoid the confusion associated with switching the tables when it is your turn to act. You are going to love it! 

The unique user interface, graphics, and functionality of the four-in-one-window-play™ at PokerChamps is copyrighted and protected by international copyright law and the European Union immaterial law. Copyright © 2004 by PokerChamps™, all rights reserved. 

4 tables at the same time

Icon Descriptions

There are some icons you should get familiarized with in advance. These are described in the following sections: 

Turbo Tables - "T" icon. To speed up the game we have created "Turbo" tables for those who prefer playing at fast tables. You can easily pick out the turbo tables, since these are labelled with the "T" icon just to the left of a given table's name and are also shown with a color, relevant for the type of table, underneath the table name. On these tables PokerChamps have reduced the players acting time to 7 seconds plus an additional 7 seconds right after the animated reminder indication. So if you prefer playing at fast tables this is where you should grab a seat! 

Beginner Tables - "B" icon. When you select a Beginner table, you will have longer time to react before you are automatically folded or checked and forced to sit out.

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