CD Poker’s Special Bonuses

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Your CD Poker bonuses don’t stop with the sign-up bonus you receive upon your registration. There are various possibilities to secure further bonuses after you’ve redeemed your sign-up bonus. The Bad Beat Bonus is one such opportunity. If you go to the showdown knowing you have the best hand on four Jacks or better, and you happen to lose, you take down the bad beat jackpot. After all, such monumental bad luck needs to be countered somehow. In order to qualify for the bonus, you need to: use both your hole-cards in the losing hand, you need to go to the showdown with them and the player who beats your hand also needs to use both his hole-cards in his hand. The Bad Beat Bonus is only available at the Holdem cash tables. In order to claim your bonus, you need to send an email to CD Poker’s support

The Best Hand of the Day bonus goes to the highest Royal Flush of the day. In order to qualify for the bonus, you need to have at least three players dealt in and you have to use both your pocket cards in the winning hand.

Only one such bonus is awarded each day, and it goes to the first qualifying hand (Royal Flush), so even if you do happen to hit such an exquisite hand and fulfill the qualifying criteria, you’ll win nothing if someone already took the bonus down for that day.

Best hand of the Day winners will be posted on a special page on CD Poker’s website.