Refer your friends to BGroom

Get $100 Bonus Now

Online backgammon is a game enjoying an ever increasing popularity. Already officially recognized as a game of skill, backgammon is not confronted with the hurdles thrown at online poker by the UIGEA. Players are free to join and play for real money wherever they are, and that’s a huge asset for online backgammon rooms like BG Room. 
Now, BG Room makes it possible for its existing players to bring their friends along to play. If you are a BG room player and you get your friend to sign up to BG Room, you’ll get a $50 bonus.

The friend that you refer needs to download the BG Room software, and he needs to create an account using your referral code. Once that’s done and he plays 40 games in real money mode, he’ll get a $20 bonus transferred to his bonus account. There are no specific deposit requirements for him. He’ll be able to unlock his bonus by playing a further 60 games in real money mode.

You will get your $50 bonus for every player you refer, up to a maximum of 10, so there’s not much point in launching an ad campaign to get strangers to sign up using your referral code. You get the $50 in yourbonus account when your friend gets his $20 into his account.

In order to redeem your $50 bonus, you’ll have to play 120 real money games. Do not try to deceive the system by creating multiple accounts, because BG Room will be on to your antics, and won’t shy away from the most drastic measures to curb bonus abuse.