Backgammon Tournaments – What’s a Backgammon Tournament?

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Backgammon tournaments are a huge feat to accomplish. It doesn’t matter if the prizes are huge or just a few bucks, it’s still very tough to go through a field of backgammon players. Each game differs in length, and every player can have a fortunate day and get lucky against a very good player. Backgammon is sometimes all about the dice, and if a player’s lucky, he could win through a few levels and beat some well known players in the process. offers numerous backgammon tournaments and very large prize pools. If you want to learn more about backgammon and backgammon tournaments, Party Gammon is a place you should visit.
Backgammon tournaments consist of several rounds and have several players taking part. Each round’s winner goes to the next round while the loser is removed from the tournament. In knockout matches the players are required to play until one of them becomes the winner of the tournament.
Backgammon tournaments either have fixed length (each match’s length is static until the final round), or dynamic (matches get longer as players advance through the rounds).
To take part in a backgammon tournament you’ll need to buy-in (by paying a fee), and the more players that take part in a tournament, the higher the prize pool and the top prizes.

Backgammon tournament types

There are two main types of backgammon tournaments:

  • Regular backgammon tournaments - these are scheduled tournaments, with a pre-set starting time. Scheduled tournaments’ times appear on the site or in the backgammon software.
  • Sit’n’Go (sit and go) backgammon tournaments - these tournaments are available around the clock, 24/7. Once there are enough players registered for a sit & go tourney it will start (numbers vary according to the tournament’s requirements).