Online Backgammon Games for Macintosh and Linux

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In our dog-eat-dog daily existence, we often forget to give any sort of consideration to what “other people” need. We never position ourselves in that category, so it doesn’t make any sense for us to pay any kind of attention to them. Only when we realize that to those other people we are in fact the “other people”, do we carefully assess our position towards the matter.

We all know that the vast majority of online gaming happens on Windows platforms, but does that mean that people who – for whatever reason – use Mac OS, shouldn’t play? 
Gaming companies have long discovered the potential Mac users represent and recently there have been efforts made to try to accommodate live online gaming for both Windows and Mac users.

One backgammon room that has certainly recognized the fact that being stuck on a single platform was making it impossible for many enthusiasts to enjoy the game the way they could, is Play65.
Having been a market front-runner for quite a while, Play 65 decided it was time to reach out for those using other platforms too. While their downloadable Windows client is an excellent one as well, they launched a free Java version of their software too, one that requires no download and one that runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS, as well. With the rising popularity of the game (whether that is because of poker enthusiasts being bullied out of their game or not) this outreach for a larger segment of the gambling public, couldn’t have come at a better time.

Currently, GammonEmpire, which is the same site as Play65, appears to be the only online backgammon operator paying attention to this important yet often neglected market-segment. As trends go however, other online backgammon sites will soon see themselves compelled to keep up with the competition and implement similar solutions for their players.