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Party Gammon has various offers, promotions, and backgammon bonus that keep you in the game, You can learn to play backgammon with Party Gammon school.
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PartyGaming, owner of PartyGammon, Party Poker, Party Casino and Party bingo, is the world’s leading online gaming companies since 1997.Party Gaming have recently added a 4th brand – Party Gammon – thus operating brands in 4 major gaming areas: poker, casino, bingo and backgammon .Party Backgammon offers games to play for free or games to play for real money, includes a variety of backgammon type games such as Nackgammon (Nack Ballard) and Hypergammon (super-fast variant of backgammon).download and install Party Poker.comParty Casino.comParty Online Gammon Bonus:50% backgammon bonus up to $50Party Bonus Code: GAMMON50

Everybody can now play backgammon using Party Gaming’s shared e-wallet and using the same account. You can effortlessly switch between platforms and even play simultaneously in all of them!In Party Backgammon you can play online backgammon for fun or for real money. You also have many great features in your Party account where you can keep track of any bonuses or PartyPoints you have collected, check where you stand in tournaments and other competitions and much more.The graphics and crisp and gameplay is very intuitive. As this is a new version (full version was launched in July 2006) there aren’t many players online. But the numbers are growing rapidly and already reaching 800+ in peak hours.To sign up for a Party Backgammon, simply one of Party games and create a new PartyAccount.Use your PartyAccount to play on , , or Party Your money, bonuses, PartyPoints and statistics are all accessible from ONE account – it doesn’t get easier than this!

Party Backgammon Rake StructureHere’s how much Party backgammon charge to take part in their games, tournaments and matches:Single GamesWin SumCommission %$0 - $195%$20 - $994%$100 +2.75%MatchWin SumCommission %Cap %$0 - $194%*7%*$20 - $993%*6%*$100 +2.75%*5%* Additional commission of 0.25% per point above one point.* 

  • A maximum $5 commission per player when rating of both players is over 1650.
  • Decrease of 50% in commissions if the rating of both players is over 1700.
  • Increase of 50% in commissions when the rating difference is 100 to 199.
  • Increase of 100% in commissions when the rating difference is 200 or more
  • Increase of 150% in commissions when the rating difference is 250 or more.
  • Increase of 200% in commissions when the rating difference is 300 or more.

On several occasions the calculation of the rake will be based on a combination of two or more cases.The winner pays for both players. However, commissions are split 50/50 between the players with the final commission is taken from the winner’s win sum.Win sum in single games equals both players' initial stake multiplied by cube at the end of the game (the pot)Backgammon multiplies the win sum by two / Backgammon multiplies the win sum by three (exceptions: Jacoby Rule in single games and limits set by players upon game creation).Win sum in match equals both players’ initial stake (the pot).All transactions, including the rake, are in $USD.