BGRoom (Backgammon Room) gives 120% bonus up to $100 on first deposits, and offers excellent online backgammon action. There are many table limits, tournaments, and freerolls. Play online backgammon at for fun or for real money.

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Brand Summary

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About BGroom

Launched in July 2006, BGRoom is a relatively new backgammon room, which is apparently already quite successful.
The key to the success of this operation may lie in the timing of its launch. May I remind you, that the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) of 2006, was passed by US lawmakers in September 2006, barely a month and a half after BGRoom had gone online. As the UIGEA has adversely affected all American casino and poker players (the only other significant skill-based real money internet game out there), online backgammon operators could rightfully count on the involvement of at least some of these poker players with this new kind of skill-centered online pastime.


Even though it’s only about one year-old, BGRoom is already attracting tens of thousands of backgammon players from all over the world. Finding a match for your specific skill-level will not be a problem here…


The BGRoom software is declared the No. 1 backgammon software on the internet. Whether that is so or not, I couldn’t tell you. The claim is posted on their very own website, so I suppose one has to treat it with caution, however, from what I’ve seen, this piece of client software may well be the best backgammon software in the world, indeed. It is very stable, and its system requirements are quite minimal, too. Basically, any x86-based system will run it fine, with about 128MB of RAM, so no worries there. You’d better have a reliable internet connection though, in order to keep disconnects to a minimum. If you do get disconnected, you’ll have 5 minutes to reconnect to the game, and pick up right where you left off. This feature can be abused, so if you fail to reconnect in the 5 minutes time allotted for this purpose, you’ll be penalized.

Sign Up Bonus

BGRoom online backgammon:
120% backgammon bonus up to $100
Bonus Code: BGRMAX


The BGRoom best sign-up bonuses are simple and efficient. Once you sign up, you get $5 without having to commit any money or deposit anything. This No-Deposit bonus is quite a unique feature, and currently I’d find it difficult to name any poker rooms that offer such a bonus, even though there’s a hell of a lot more competition in the world of online poker than there is in backgammon.
On top of this freebie, first time players will also get a 120% match on their first deposit, so that would be basically up to $100 max.
In order to receive this bonus, you must deposit at least $20 or $200 at most. Let’s do a quick math exercise here: sign up, you get $5, deposit your $20, and you get $24 as bonus, so you start off with $49. Not bad if you ask me…


There are a whole bunch of BGRoom promotions, enough to keep you busy, even if you’re one of the best BG players out there. The $5 no-deposit bonus and the 120% match on your first deposit is only the tip of the iceberg in this respect.
You may take part in a variety of tournaments, which give you the possibility to double or to triple your cash,
The $500 Sit and Go tournament raffle gives you the possibility to win $500, and the “refer a friend” promo will give you $10 in bonus money for every person you refer to the room. Not only will you be able to turn playing at BGRoom into a social event for you and your friends, you’ll also get paid for it.


The site itself is available in a variety of languages. English, Greek, Turkish, Hebrew and Arabic are advertised on the home-page, as well as Dutch, Spanish, French, Romanian, German and Italian. I’m not sure whether they offer support in all these languages just yet (I clicked the Italian page and clicked “support” to see where it takes me but it took me to the English page) but I’m sure that’s exactly what they’re aiming for in the future.

Unique Features

As the industry leader that it’s slowly developing into, BGRoom cannot afford not to have a variety of unique features to make it enticing for the would-be backgammon player. Other than the excellent bonus and promotions systems that are pretty much unique for every backgammon room, they have a few pleasant surprises up their sleeves, as well. One of these surprises is the game analyzing tool. One way to continuously get better and better at a game is to analyze the mistakes and/or the good calls that you’ve made in past games. BGRoom will let you save and export your games in GNU format, and analyze them later, with the popular backgammon-analysis tool.
You’ll also be able to replay your matches and draw your conclusions from there.
The fact that BGRoom offers a variety of tournaments for you to play in, not only in real-money mode but in practice mode as well, is yet another valuable learning tool.


Nowadays, no serious online gaming operation can afford to treat financial matters lightly. We have already concluded that BGRoom is quite probably THE most serious online backgammon operator, so naturally the security they offer for financial transfers at their site, is top notch. Transfer money to and from BGRoom, or a bank, it’s the same thing.

Customer Support

A good customer support is one way to make sure your players are satisfied and that they’ll come back for more. BGRoom is obviously on to this, otherwise why would they go through the trouble of giving you 24-hour support via live-chat (the most efficient way, in my opinion), telephone and e-mail, in several languages. Any customer support that allows you to ask for help in real time at the click of a mouse-button, is a good one in my book…

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

There are several ways to deposit and withdraw money to and from BGRoom, because they’re obviously trying to simplify these matters for as big and as diverse a customer-base as possible. Besides the popular VISA and MasterCard, they accept Neteller too, and (Europeans will be pleased to read this) Moneybookers, and Western Union. Besides the above mentioned options, there’s also Wire transfer, and cashU.
All deposits and withdrawals are processed either instantly, or within 10 minutes.


In order to make sure the games that you play at BGRoom are 100% fair (there’s no cheating going on) their software is subjected to regular audits by independent authorities.
In this respect, you should also know that the software they use is certified by i-Tech Labs and Thawte.