Party Casino Fruit Medley offering Big Prizes

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Party Casino has proven to be a leader in the online casino industry when it comes to promotions. So it should be no surprise that one of the Party Casino promotions - Fruit Medley - is consistently one of the best monthly promos in the industry. This being said, here is a quick look at everything you need to know about winning money with Fruit Medley.

Fruit Medley Promotion Period - Fruit Medley runs from the 21st (00:00 ET) of each month to the 20th (23:59 ET) of the following month. All prizes earned during this promo are awarded on the 25th of each month. Keep in mind that Fruit Medley runs during the same split-month period every time at Party Casino.

How to earn Fruit Medley Prizes- To begin winning prizes and bonuses through Fruit Medley, you have to be a real money player at Party Casino for at least 30 days. Assuming you meet these requirements, you also have to earn 50 Party Points and deposit a minimum of $25. Once you've met these qualifications, you'll receive a random Fruit Medley card on the 25th. 
*Important* - Make sure to visit your account and reveal your card on the 25th because it cannot be revealed after this date.

Prize Considerations - Once you click the Fruit Medley card in your account, Party Casino will award you with the prize right away. As mentioned before, the prize will be totally random, so you have no idea what it's going to be. However, VIP's can expect their prize to be worth at least $25, and as much as $1,000! Considering the fact that you only have to make a $25 deposit and earn 50 Party Points, a prize worth $1k would be very generous.