Play Roulette at Party Casino

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If you say “casino”, at least 5 out of 10 people will instantly think of a roulette wheel and table. It may not be the most popular casino game (I think slots beat it to that title) because one actually needs to have a basic understanding of the mathematics involved to properly assess the odds on any particular bet. The roulette wheel, like every other casino game, carries a house edge. The house edge is induced by the “0” and “00” slots on the wheel, which make sure that you do not get 50-50 odds on red/black or Odd/Even bets. The European roulette wheel features one such “0” slot, the American one has two green slots, a “0” and a “00”. The European roulette obviously carries a smaller house edge and thus it is recommended that you play that instead of the American one, but of course, what you choose is also a question of taste. Party Casino offers you both roulette variants, with minimum bets of $1 and maximum bets of $500. European roulette wheel

You don’t necessarily have to invest real money when learning how to play the “small wheel”. Party Casino offers you the possibility to play the same game in play money mode. The game acts exactly the same way in playmoney mode as well, it’s just that you won’t be able to make any money this way.

The software allows you to place several bets, within the maximum betting limit of course. All you have to do is to pick up the chips with your mouse cursor and then to place them in the appropriate spot on the table. There are several options, like the “double bet” one which allow you to increase your bet amounts at the click of a button. After you’re done placing your bets, just click the “spin” button and you’re in business.