Winner Poker’s Daily freerolls

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Freerolls are always excellent for rounding up one’s bankroll, but they’re often more than that. They represent excellent opportunities to play poker while not on scared money. For many beginners, real money play is always scared money play, on one hand on account of the flimsy bankroll they have, on the other, because of the novelty of the whole situation. Freerolls can help these guys settle into the action, with no risk to their meager starting bankrolls and with none of the pressures that come with real money play. Winner Poker has plenty of such freerolls (as a matter of fact there are twelve each and every day) and make no mistake, these games offer real money prizes indeed.

All 12 daily freerolls at Winner Poker feature $25 guaranteed prize-pools, which may not seem like a lot but when you factor it in that these poker tournaments are free ones and that there are 12 of them each day, the generosity of the deal becomes obvious. To access these daily freerolls, you’ll have to go to the “beginners” tab in the lobby.

The around the clock depositors freerolls are limited to those who have made a deposit at the site. These tournaments start at each even hour of the day, beginning with 14:00. You will not be eligible to play in these freerolls for three days after you make your first deposit. You’ll only be added to the eligibility list after that.

The Around the clock freerolls start at every odd hour of the day, beginning with 15:00. These are basically beginners’ freerolls as only players registered in the last 90 days can play in them. As a new player, you’ll be allowed to participate in 4 of these freerolls over each seven day period during your eligibility.