Unibet Daily Desperado Dastardly Delightful

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When you log onto unibet you will find that there are thousands of players playing poker at any one time and might find yourself asking why. There are several possible answers. The Unibet world is all encompassing, providing sports betting and bingo, casino and poker, skill games and scratch cards, which all under one "roof" is of course very attractive. There are also promotions of various types which keep you interested, the layout is good and easy to navigate, and the site is attractive.

However when it comes down to it, it may well be the sense of reward and opportunity that one feels at Unibet that really draws in the customers; let's take the Daily Desperado tournaments, for example. Are these the biggest tournaments ever seen? No. Are these the flashiest tournaments ever seen? No. However, what they are, are regularly run genuine opportunities to win real prizes – maybe not the biggest, but isn't a better chance of little preferable to a little chance of a lot?! The Daily Desperado Tournaments have been rewarding Unibet customers daily for nearly a year now, providing round the clock opportunities to earn some extra money. There are 3 daily tournaments to choose from, one in the morning, one in the afternoon, one in the night, and all with different buy-ins and different guaranteed prize-pools. The first starts at 11.15 GMT, has a €1 buy-in and a €500 prize-pool; the second starts at 17.00 GMT, has a €2 buy-in and a €1,000 guaranteed prize-pool; the third starts at 21.50 GMT has a €3 buy-in and a €2,000 guarantee. In short this means low buy-ins and high prizes – and that's why people love Unibet.