Bodog Poker Tournaments

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As you probably know, Bodog Poker is a EV+ tournament heaven for the savvy poker player. Not only is the competition extremely loose, there is a wealth of tourneys you can sign up to all the time, which will not only keep you entertained, but will have a real potential to swell your bankroll if you play your odds well.

Bodog is known as an innovator in many respects in the online poker world. They feature a unique first-deposit bonus system, their software is unique and original, and so are their promotions.

Every well-informed poker rookie knows that the best way to build a bankroll is through STTs (SNGs) – single table tournaments. There are a number of reasons why that theory holds true, but that is not the point of this here article. Bottom line is: SNGs (sit’n’gos) are indeed the games that offer players the best payout/risk ratio, so naturally, you should begin building your bankroll by playing in them.

Beginner Tournaments

Bodog has come up with an excellent option for beginners to ease them into the flow of these SNGs: while only the top 3 places are normally getting paid in any regular 10 handed SNG, Bodog has created a special format, tailored to beginners, in which the top 5 finishers all get ITM (in the money). Naturally, each individual money finisher will get less cash than usual, but this takes out some of the variance from the game, keeping bankrolls safer. This way, beginners can learn the basics of tournament play without paying too much “tuition” to better players.

There are scheduled MTTs (multi table tournaments) too, adapted for beginners. These tournaments feature twice as many ITM spots as regular MTTs. 
The buy-ins for these tourneys are also extremely affordable.

Tournament-wise, every day is Sunday at Bodog. Their daily tournaments feature MTTs, with buy-ins ranging from $1 to $100, guaranteed prize-pool tournaments (from $500 guaranteed, right up to their weekly $100,000), qualifiers (satellites for bigger and more prestigious events), poker point tournaments (generate huge amounts of FPPs here) and freerolls.

Sunday Tournament

Every Sunday, there’s a $100,000 guaranteed tournament (they literally guarantee the prize pool, no matter how many players register) and to which anyone can buy in for $100, plus $9 in tournament fees. If you don’t have the 100 bucks to spend on a single tourney though, don’t despair: there are other ways to gain a seat in the $100,000 weekly guaranteed. 
There are three types of satellites you can use to qualify: the first one is a direct buy-in semifinal (it’ll cost you $10+$1 to register) featuring a MTT format, and in which every 11th player will win a seat to the big one. 
If you don’t like those odds though, buy in for $22+$2 to another semifinal, featuring 5 handed STTs. Naturally, winners go on to play in the $100K.

Another MTT satellite is the 250 Poker Point buy-in one, (see, this is what those AP tourneys are good for) which means you don’t have to pay a single cent of real money to register. Every 27th player will go on to play in the $100K.

If you don’t have any APs (action points) or money, you still get a chance: there are sub-satellites called $100K Cheap Seats, to which the buy-in is $1 (no tourney fees). The odds here are 24 to 1, meaning every 24th player gets a chance to move on to one of the semi-finals presented above: in case you’re one of the lucky ones, you’ll get to choose between taking part in either two $10+$1 semifinals or one $22+$2 one.

Buy-in Tournaments

Besides the special promotions described above, Bodog has non-stop tourney action at its tables from dusk till dawn, and then all day long, too. There are tournaments starting at all hours with buy-ins ranging between $1+$0, and $50+$5.

Action point tourneys are also there as well as their most notable $500 guaranteed freeroll which is there every single day and which accepts even those players who have no real money accounts opened at the room.
Certainly, there will be over 2,000 people registered each day, so your odds there won’t exactly be high EV+ ones, but still, I’m yet to find another freeroll like this one, at any poker room out there.
As if all this weren’t enough, Bodog offers additional enticements for MTT tournament players via their Tournament Leaderboard promotion. There are weekly, monthly and yearly Leaderboards running, based on the amount of points players generate in tourneys that are not satellites, nor SNGs or heads-up ones. Private MTTs are not counted either.

Points are awarded considering the number of players one has managed to survive, the buy-in for the tourney, as well as the place one finishes on. 
The person to be on 1st place at the end of the week will get to play heads up with a Bodog Team member for $1,000 (Bodog Team consists of poker pros David Williams, Josh Arieh, and Evelyn Ng). Runners up will receive tiered tournament credits.

I’ve always known Bodog was the place to play online poker, and I’ve always been aware of their generous promotions. I didn’t know though, that there were quite this many opportunities available, before I threw together this article. Well, for one thing, Bodog has certainly gained a loyal player in my person.