Rules and Tips to Blackjack Tournaments


Get21 Casino is no longer exist, please try other recommended blackjack sites such as Party Casino or 888Casino

On you can download the internet’s first blackjack tournament software. You don’t even have to make a deposit to get a $10 bonus – completely free. Get21 offers several kinds of blackjack tournaments:

  • Quick game.
  • Sit and Go.
  • Scheduled tournaments

The blackjack quick game is divided into to 2 parts: Shootout and Heads-Up. At the table there’s room for up to 5 players but a game can start with under 5 players. To enter the table a player needs to click on ‘Seat Open’ and join the game. On the top right there’s an orange square that shows the number of hands in the tournament. The number of hands is important for determining the tournament’s tactics and gameplay. It’s also important to notice the minimum and maximum number of chips that can be placed in each bet. To win a blackjack tournament you’ll have to consider these elements as they will make or break your chances of winning. Once a game ends a new one begins immediately after approving it. In a sit & go game you register to one table tournament. The maximum number of players is 5 per table. The player with the largest chip stack at the end of the tournament wins. Unfortunately this is not like online poker tournaments – there are no 2nd or 3rd places, only the winning player gets the prize.

Using the Tab key you can switch between single- and multi-table tournaments. The maximum number of players in a multi-table tournament is 9. The number of hands is 6 when there are no 2nd or 3rd place prizes. But because of this the 1st place prize is big, and the tournament is pretty quick. This means that if you are a good blackjack player you could make a lot of money in a very short time!
blackjack tournaments

Scheduled tournaments are also divided to 3 tabs:

  • Regular tournaments.
  • Special tournaments.
  • My tournaments.

The last tab (my tournaments) is important and it contains the list of tournaments you’ve registered to. The tournaments take place at predetermined times and dates.

Tournament Tactics

The following tactics are meant for 4-5 players blackjack tournaments: Each player is given one card. The player with the highest card plays last, which gives him a small advantage as he can adjust his bet according to bets of the other players and know what cards are already out.

In such cases using Blackjack 2021 Real Time Analyzer will boost your blackjack game and give you the optimal play for any card combination.

During the initial hands it would be clever to take a chance and place the maximum bet of $500 to gain a quick advantage. Throughout the tournament it is important to notice how your opponents are doing and what their chip stacks are. If their balances are low you won’t have to place large bets, especially if they don’t place large bets themselves.

The final hand is the most important. If your opponent’s chip balance is a little higher than yours use the following tactic: Your opponent bets the maximum bet of $500 – this could lead him to victory. The cards were dealt and he received strong cards (20) and the dealer’s up card is a 7. You on the other hand received a weak hand such as 16 or 17 and the odds of reaching 21 are low and you’re likely to bust. The right move in this case is to Double Down and double your bet. Only in this way you will be able to win more chips than your opponent, who is more than likely to win anyway.

In another situation you are the chip leader and this is the final hand. Place the minimum bet of $5 so your balance will not drop too much. Use this tactic when you have at least $750 more than your opponent.

Draws and ties – two or more players busting out on the same hand or tying the win

If two players or more bust out of the tournament on the same hand, the player who started the hand with the most chips will be awarded the ‘higher finishing position’. If the players started the hand with the same balance the player who accumulated the higher bet value will be awarded the ‘higher finishing position’.
If both starting balances and accumulated bet values are the same, the player sitting closer to the button in a clockwise order will be awarded the ‘higher finishing position’.

In multi-table tournaments, if two players or more from different tables are eliminated simultaneously, the player who was eliminated in the more advanced hand (e.g. hand 10 out of 14 is more advanced than hand 9 out of 14) will be awarded ‘higher finishing position’. If both players were eliminated in the same hand the ‘higher finishing position’ rules (mentioned above) will apply.
If two players or more are eliminated on the same hand and they are both ‘in the money’, there will be a sudden death round in which each player will receive 1,000 chips and only one hand will be dealt. The player with the larger chip stack at the end of the round will be the winner.

Blackjack Tools and Software

It’s important to play blackjack aggressively in online blackjack tournaments. Use as many tools and software as you can such as card counting software and blackjack winning probabilities charts and tools.

How to play aggressively in a blackjack tournament

Place bigger bets than most of your opponents, Double Down often and pay close attention to the number of hands.

Be aggressive when playing initial hands, play your final hands deliberately, and pay attention to your opponents’ chips stacks. Remember that there’s no prize for second place! Be aggressive and don’t give up.

Online blackjack tournaments, although recently launched, are quickly becoming popular. Start playing blackjack tournaments and gain an edge over newer players. As you improve your blackjack game you’ll be able to beat the new weaker players without difficulty. In December 2007, when the Million Dollars Blackjack Tournament takes place, you’ll already be an experienced blackjack player and will have the skill to beat the other players and reach the final game and maybe even win first prize.

Playing online blackjack for a living

Playing online blackjack for real money can be very rewarding. There are experienced blackjack players that play blackjack for a living. To succeed you’ll need to play for at least 2-3 hours a day over a period of several months. Start with small stakes and slowly build them up. If you have a bad streak lower your bets for a while until you get back up again.

Read at least one good blackjack book! We at recommend two excellent blackjack books:

  • Blackjack Bluebook II Blackjack Bluebook II, the simplest winning strategies ever published (2006 edition) – by Fred Renzey.
  • Beat the Dealer - Beat the Dealer, A Winning Strategy for the Game of Twenty-One – by Edward O. Thorp.

Track your blackjack game every time you play – how many sessions you’ve played, in which dates, tournament type, tournament number of hands and final position, win/loss amount. You can download a useful Excel sheet that we’ve prepared that’ll help you keep track of all of the above.

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