Blackjack Card Counting - How to Count Cards in Blackjack


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Card counting is usually presented as a unique way that helps you make a profit when playing blackjack at a casino. Casinos themselves consider card counting very damaging and go to great lengths to ban card counting at blackjack games. The fact is that card counting is not unique. It is the correct way to play blackjack in the short and especially the long term. Blackjack is all about good practice, memory and real time statistical analysis. Blackjack is a practice and memory game and whoever develops both usually wins the most. When playing in a casino, only a skilled card counter could know the number of decks shuffled into the shoe. Some claim that card counting is banned only by casinos that deal cards from more than six or eight decks of cards. Others claim, especially casinos and other companies that profit from card counting books, that card counting give players an unfair edge over the casinos, meaning that they can make profit from playing blackjack at casinos. So the question is - are there real advantages to card counting? Can money be made on the blackjack tables?


Four approaches to card counting are:


  1. The ternary system is simplest since you only need to add one for every card dealt over 8 and subtract one for every card dealt under 6. Numbers can change depending on what variation of the system that you want to apply. The ternary system gives you an estimate whether the cards remaining in the shoe have a high proportion of high valued cards, which help the player as they increase his chances of winning.
  2. In the total sum system you simply add the value of each card dealt and compare this with what you would expect the total average sum of cards dealt until now would be. This system is much more mathematically detailed and is a more elaborate version of the ternary system above.
  3. The third system is the total-recall system which requires you to remember exactly how many cards of every number have been dealt during the game. Once you know the number of decks in the shoe you can calculate the remaining number of every card that is left in the shoe. Once you know how many high valued cards (specifically face cards and Aces) you can make you game and especially your betting strategy very dynamic.
  4. When playing online, use our Blackjack Real Time Analyzer to make the perfect card count. BJ2021 will show you at any given moment the exact cards from each denomination, as well as the number of cards left in the shoe. It will also provide you with the best possible play and the best betting strategy.


Practice your card counting and learn how to optimally count cards. The more you practice the more you will improve your card counting accuracy and abilities. Don't set your expectations too high in the beginning. There are many factors that need to be taken into account but practicing card counting is the very first step. Use Blackjack 2021 as much as possible to check yourself and practice your card counting techniques. It will always give you the right move and the best betting strategy. (See also blackjack basic strategy)