How To Count Cards In Blackjack


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Card counting is a method in blackjack that gives the player an advantage above the dealer. When the card counting player knows the advantage has shifted in his or her favor, they also know when to increase the bet. However, when the advantage then shifts in the favor of the dealer instead, the counter knows then to make smaller bets or no bets at all. Here is more information on how to count cards in Blackjack.

How Card Counting Works
Once the Blackjack dealer shuffles the cards, there is then an equal amount of high and low cards in the deck or decks. It all depends on the cards that are dealt in the beginning rounds of the game as to when the ratio of the high to low end cards will change.

One example of this is, when more low to high cards are dealt early on in the game, this is when the rest of the deck of cards should have a bigger amount of high to low cards. When this last part happens, the card counting players will bet more because they then have a greater chance at getting a blackjack. This is when they will win what is called a double down.

The card counting players have to watch every card that is played for this to pan out like it should. Besides watching every card that is dealt during the game, they will also have to add tags to each card being dealt. The count after the dealer shuffles will also start at zero.

The card counting player will keep adding tags to each card and even in the dealer's hand, in each hand that is dealt until the game is over.

Cards two, three, four, five, and six get a plus one tag added on by the counter and the cards seven, eight, and nine get a zero tag added to them. However, the 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace get a minus tag added to them.

Using Interactive Training To Count Cards
The goal in interactive training is to teach a counting player to mentally add tags to each card and keep remembering those tags on each card. This helps you keep a better count of each card being dealt.

Tips For Using The Interactive Trainer
When beginning the interactive trainer and first learning how to count cards, you should use the single deck mode. You will also want to set the speed to slow and and choose between 10 and 15 seconds as the amount of time you will have to key in your count. You very first goal is to get a consistent running count for the first time and every time after. Being fast isn't your only objective the very first time.

Once you can consistently count your cards a little faster and faster, increase the speed each time. This will help you get better with counting cards every time you use an interactive trainer.