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One of the oldest and most respected online casinos, Casino-on-net runs a promotions system well matched to its reputation. Here’s a quick guide on what you should know and consider when talking part in one of their promotions. Unless there are any special promotion terms stating otherwise, you have to make a $100 deposit on the day of the Jackpot promotion to be eligible. Don’t make a withdrawal and then cancel it thinking it will be counted as a deposit because it won’t be.

The deposit needs to be turned over (wagered) during the event. Winners will have their bonuses credited to their accounts within 24 hours of the event they played in, so don’t be surprised if your bonus money doesn’t show up right away.

All money that you receive on top of your regular payouts will be subject to the online casino’s bonus policy (it will have to be unlocked before it can be cashed out).

The bonus money you win via a promotion needs to be claimed within a 3-month period or you risk forfeiting it.

Comp points generated at low risk games (near 50-50 odds like those you’ll find at the roulette – odds/even, red/black bets – baccarat or craps tables) will not count towards any of the promotional events you’ll take part in. Make sure you understand the rights and obligations that befall you when taking part in a Casino-on–net promotion. This way you won’t have any disappointing surprises to deal with.