Jackpot Promotions - Millionaire Genie promotion

€140 Bonus+50 Spins

If you were wondering why the download size for the Casino on Net client software is so hefty, (around 100MB) we might have part of the answer for you right here. Apart from the breath-taking graphics and other outstanding features of the site, there’s one that particularly caught my attention:
The lobby has some “featured” jackpots, out of which, the Millionaire Genie looks by far the most interesting.

Casino on Net’s progressive jackpot slot machine, the Millionaire Genie, entices players with promises of fabulous wealth in exchange for some loose change. The Jackpot on the Genie has been known to reach well over $3,000,000 at times, but - as any noteworthy genie would – this one merely promises its players to grant them three wishes.

The first wish is about the progressive jackpot itself. The Genie says you can win over $1,500,000 with a lucky spin, with a minimum bet of $3. While that may not seem like much, when you’ll have wagered it 100 times, it’ll amount up to exactly $300. No wonder the jackpot is so hefty, since this is the kind of money that goes into it, from thousands of players, on a daily basis.

The second wish that the genie wants to grant comes atop the first one and it’s about a further $300 in additional bonuses. This promotion goes on between Aug 13-26th, and it works like this:

  • The players who play within the 24 hours preceding the time when the jackpot is won are entered into a raffle, which will give 10 players $150 in prizes. All one has to do, in order to gain access to the raffle draw, is to play a bit, every day.
  • If you’re one of the players who played within the 7 day period preceding the winning of the jackpot, you’ll receive a $150 bonus, but only if you are one of the top 10 comp point generators. This means, the more you play the Genie, the bigger your chances are for the $150 bonus. Keep in mind that in order to be able to cash out your bonus, you need to play twice its amount.
  • The Genie wants to make sure its players get their bonuses, even if the jackpot isn’t taken down during the promotion. This is why, in case the jackpot is not won, the top 20 comp point leaders will all get $150 in bonus money.

The third, and final wish the Genie is going to grant you, is basically a no-brainer. Just make a guess about the amount of the jackpot, and when it’s actually won, the player with the closest guess, gets a $300 bonus. This too has to be redeemed before it can be cashed out, and if several players make the very same guess and win, the prize-money is divided.

Mind you, that even though there is a set date for the promotion’s end, it will end when the jackpot is won, whenever that occurs.

The Millionaire Genie is not the only huge promotion 888.com has going on, though. There’s the Black Jack attack, in which, winning $1,000 is as easy as 1-2-3. You don’t actually have to win in order to pocket the $1,000, you just need to play as much as possible during the event hours, and generate the most comp points. Do not worry if you do not succeed in being the best though, runners-up will also get rewarded: 2nd place with $750, 3rd through 5th place with $250, 6-30th with $50, all the way down to 50th place, with $25.

The Successive Progressive promotion focuses on the deposits players make. If you deposit $150 and the house wins more than $150, you get $30 back. You can get $60 or $100 back too, but for that, you’ll have to deposit $300 or $500 respectively. Be careful though, because in order that you should be eligible for the offer, you need to make your deposit during event hours.
The Happy Hours event makes it even easier for players to win money. They don’t even have to play to pocket some additional bonus-cash. All they need to do is to make a deposit during the time of the event, and they’ll get an extra 10% match on their deposit up to a $100 maximum bonus. The minimum deposit is $100, to qualify for the promotion.

The Casino on Net Comp Point Race is a great way to win money if you’re one of them high-rollers. Make a minimum of $100 deposit during event hours to qualify, and then play away. The player who generates the most comp points during the event will win $1,500. In total 250 people win money, with $750 going to 2nd and 3rd place, $500 to 4th and 5th and so on.
Now you can see why we weren’t kidding when we said Casino on Net was a promotions bonanza.