Blackjack Terms, Glossary of Blackjack, Lingo


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A hand whose first two cards total 21 e.g. A/10, A/J, A/Q, A/K.
Basic Strategy
Basic strategy for blackjack consists of a complete set of rules that cover all possible decisions a player may encounter, but without taking into account any other player's cards or any previously dealt cards.
When the total value in your blackjack hand goes over 21.
Card Counter
Player who tracks dealt cards. (see also card counting)
Double Down (DD)
Blackjack hand total value of the first two cards, mostly 10 or 11, and you can double your bet and receivefrom the dealer only one more card.
When you want another card.
Hit Soft 17
An abbreviation for standard blackjack rule which requires the dealer to stand on all soft 17s (e.g. an Ace and a 6 or combination of cards that total 6).
A side bet when the blackjack dealer's up card is an Ace(or ten as up card), he or she will call for insurance. When you place an insurance wager, you are betting that the dealer has Blackjack. To make an insurance wager, pace an amount, up to one half your original bet on the insurance line when the dealer calls for insurance. If the dealer has Blackjack you win your insurance bet, but lose your original bet. If the dealer does not have Blackjack, you lose your insurance bet and the game continues. The insurance bet is highly advantageous to the house.
A tie between the dealer and the player, no one wins or loses.
When the player and the dealer have unbusted hands with the same point total. No money changes hands.
Twenty One (21)
Any three or more playing cards that have a cumulative total of 21 (e.g. 4/8/9, 6/7/8, 2/5/4/6/3, etc.) Not blackjack.