Gambling; Casino Quotes & Sayings


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"Gambling is a principle inherent in nature." ~Edmund Burke Quote

"It is the mark of an inexperienced man not to believe in luck." ~Joseph Conrad Quotations
"Blackjack is the only casino game an amateur can learn to play and at which he can definitely win." ~Lawrence Revere Quote

"Don't gamble the rent money or you'll land up sleeping on the park bench."~Capt. Summer Fun, Ret.

"In a bet there is a fool and a thief". ~Proverb

If you must play, decide upon 3 things at the start:
1. the rules of the game
2. the stakes
3. and the quitting time.
~Chinese Proverb Quotations

Quotes from the movie Casino (1995)
Ace Rothstein: [narrating] In Vegas, everybody's gotta watch everybody else. Since the players are looking to beat the casino, the dealers are watching the players. The box men are watching the dealers. The floor men are watching the box men. The pit bosses are watching the floor men. The shift bosses are watching the pit bosses. The casino manager is watching the shift bosses. I'm watching the casino manager. And the eye-in-the-sky is watching us all.

"Gambling -The sure way of getting nothing from something." ~Wilson Mizner Quote