Tips for online Blackjack Tournaments


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Don't rely on luck. It takes skill to play multiplayer blackjack. There is a luck factor just as in traditional blackjack, but skill is a key element. Practice blackjack basic strategy, learn the successful strategies of professional players, and take the time to go over the rules of the tournament and the time it will take to finish it.

Be consistent, but not predictable. Pick a bet size and make that your average/basic bet and base your future bets based on that. Place bigger bets when it's smart to do so and smaller ones when caution is required. Keep the other players in your multiplayer tournament guessing. You don't want them all over you because they know how you'll bet.

Take control of your table, don't limp along. This is a major mistake a lot of beginning players make, in traditional blackjack and multiplayer blackjack. Don't make large bets just because other players do. You have to play the cards, make correct moves, learn the charts and do the smart thing and bet accordingly.

Don't begin with large bets. When starting a blackjack tournament don't just go in with large bets in the hopes of a fast lead. It won't work. Once you lose a big bet you will find it very difficult to catch up with your opponents. Save your chips and put them to good use later in the game.

Always keep track on your opponents' chip stacks. The goal of blackjack tournaments is to have more chips than your opponents. When you're in the lead bet sensibly, when behind place larger bets than the chip leader in order to gain the lead.

When playing online, use our Blackjack Real Time Analyzer to make the perfect card count. BJ2021 will show you at any given moment the exact cards from each denomination, as well as the number of cards left in the shoe. BJ 2021 will also provide you with the best possible play and the best betting strategy.