PartyCasino’s Circus slots

50 Free Spins + $100

If you’re looking for the best as far as online slots are concerned, Party Casino’s Circus slot-machine is probably the game you’re looking for. Slots have gone through quite an impressive evolution since the first mechanical machines, and that evolution continues today. Slot machines get ever more intricate as they look to get players involved in more than one ways. Is winning money the only possible motivation you can muster for playing slots? Think again! Give Partycasino’s Circus slots a go and you’ll change your mind forever.

Party Casino’s Circus slot is the first ever slot machine to combine traditional slots gaming with role playing elements. The game features a circus theme, with xylophone playing pigs, crazy clowns, bears, acrobats and lion tamers. The player can embark on 4 different story lines: he can be a bear trying to escape from the circus, a gymnast looking for her long lost sister, a Human Cannonball with a love interest or a clown who’s just looking to make it big in the business. Regardless of the character one picks, an interesting story will unfold before his/her eyes as more and more features are unlocked and as more and more bonus rounds come about, each representing an additional opportunity for making money.

If you end a session, the game will automatically save your progress so you can come back later and start where you left off. If you finish up a story line, you can always come back and pick a different character for an entirely different game experience. You can even play different characters simultaneously.

The game is a five-reeler, featuring 20 pay-lines with 16 special features. The special features are triggered by the scattered Big Top symbols. Players can pick a character at the beginning of the game. They’ll be able to switch between characters in-game. The special features for all 4 characters are different. Players can bet a little as $0.01 and as much as $1,000, so the game is obviously suitable for small timers and high rollers alike. Each of the 4 featured characters have special abilities. Strength, Courage, Showmanship and Balance. Fenchurch, the bear, has strength as his core ability. Balance is Nadia, the gymnasts’ strength. Iggy is courageous and Mr Blinky is a good showman. Each character starts out with 2 ability points on their core ability. The rest of the way, it is up to the player to develop the other abilities by completing special features, 4 for each ability, a total of 16 for each character.

Each character’s story consists of 16 chapters, of which only the first is available by default. The other 15 have to be unlocked through play. The ability multiplier is used to multiply all wins on the machine.

Party Casino has all feature games described in detail on their site, but not reading up on it makes the game all the more enticing as far as I’m concerned. Open a Party Casino account now and make a deposit. Give the Circus a spin and be among the first to experience the new generation of online slots.