Slots Games - Progressive Slots


Progressive Slots Basics

Progressive slots play just like other slots games, with the lone exception that they offer a progressive jackpot - meaning the jackpot prize keeps growing in size with each spin that's made. So if a progressive jackpot was worth $50,000 and someone made a qualifying spin, the jackpot would increase by a small amount.

One important thing to note with progressive slots is that nearly all of these games require you to bet a certain amount on a spin to be eligible for the jackpot. For example, a slots game might allow players to bet anywhere from $0.05-$1.00 per spin, but you'd only be able to win the progressive jackpot with a $1.00 spin. This being the case, it's unwise to bet on progressive slots games unless you're going to wager the max coin size on each spin.

Most people don't mind betting the max amount though because the majority of progressive slots offer far bigger jackpots than the average game. Some of the online slots jackpots have even offered prizes worth up to €11 million! Of course, most progressive slots jackpots are much smaller than this, but still worth playing for if you're looking to get rich with the game.

Progressive Slots Games

The majority of progressive slots games are 5-reel, multi-payline games. For example, it's quite common to see a 5-reel, 20-payline progressive slots game; however, there are also progressive games with 3-reels and 7-reels, in addition to varying amounts of paylines. 

Aside from the different amount of paylines and reels, the way that the progressive jackpot is linked also varies between games. For instance, some online slots jackpots are linked through a collection of branded games, and some jackpots are linked through multiple casinos with the same game. In either case, online slots progressive jackpots are normally linked through the same software provider such as Playtech or Microgaming so that the prize grows larger.

Winning a Progressive Jackpot

As mentioned before, if you want to win a progressive jackpot, you normally have to bet the maximum coin size. But there are other factors you need to think about as well when going for a progressive slots jackpot. First off, you have to consider that some slots games only offer the progressive jackpot on a certain payline. For example, some 20-payline progressive slots games only pay the jackpot when a player lines the right symbols on the 20th payline. This being said, one would have to play all 20 paylines to have a chance at winning.

Other progressive slots offer the jackpot to anybody who can line up the correct symbols on any payline. Typically, games like this give slots players a much better shot at winning a progressive jackpot. Other games might have different requirements for how players win the progressive slots jackpot, so it's important to look at these requirements before playing.

Progressive Slots Features

Since most progressive slots games offer multiple paylines and reels, they have a lot of different features too. You'll find buttons for changing paylines and coin sizes, skill stops and bonus games throughout the world of progressive slots. 

Of these features, bonus games are especially popular in progressive slots because they give players free chances to win extra money. Some of the online slots bonus games have even become so advanced that they include a skill element just like video games. With innovations such as this, it's no wonder why progressive slots games have become so popular.