Party Casino Slots - Mission: Impossible

50 Free Spins + $100

Party Poker’s newest slot machine, the Mission: Impossible is bound to be a huge hit with users. Based on the movie with the same name, this game is going to bring the excitement of Ethan Hunt’s adventures right onto your screen, but this time you’ll be able to connect with the character on a much more intense level, since it’ll be your money laid on the line.

Mission: Impossible is a five-reel 20 pay-line slot machine with some extremely interesting extra features. There’s a wild a symbol (which will increase your EV accordingly) present on reels 2, 3 and 4, which substitutes all symbols other than the scattered Ethan Hunt one. That symbol is the Impossible Mission Force one. There’s also a free spin feature which is triggered by the appearance of a Fingerprint symbol on reel 1 (it can be anywhere as long as it’s on reel one) and a retina scan one on reel five.

The bonus round is probably the most intriguing part of the game: triggered by the appearance of three or more Ethan Hunt symbols on adjacent reels, the bonus round will have the player struggle through 6 nail-biting scenes from the movie, in his/her attempt to circumvent the security systems and to enter the vault. If the idea of hacking into super-secure computer systems is intriguing to you, Mission: Impossible is the game for you. If a high-speed train chase is in the day’s work for you, you’ll enjoy doing it with real money on the line. Sign up now, and take Mission: Impossible on a spin.