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Reload Bonus Code - Re-deposit Bonus

UltimateBet Bonus - Ultimate Bet Bonus Code

UltimateBet Re-deposit Bonus

Use the UltimateBet deposit bonus codes to get special cash bonuses on your initial and ongoing deposits. Download the free poker software in this page!

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At UltimateBet you get the chance to play online poker with poker celebrities Annie Duke, Russ Hamilton, Phil Hellmuth, Dave "Devilfish" Ulliott and Jack McClelland.

Playing Strategies is where the pros play poker - with you. UltimateBet's poker site has more than 9,000 players online. The players at UltimateBet are usually beginners and they will call you down to the river with weak hands. That means that although you'll get rivered a lot, hanging in there would prove profitable. The long run is what counts and UltimateBet is definitely one of the best poker rooms for taking the money from the "fish".

Some Useful Advice:
Wait a full table rotation before posting the Big Blind. This tip is debatable by many poker players, however, unless you know what you're doing this tactic will save you money in the long run by letting you mentally prepare yourself for the game, and also gives you time to learn and evaluate the other players. One of the worst things that can happen is to get dealt a strong hand early and then get caught in a massive raising battle between two or more players you don't know. They could all be bluffers, but one of them might be extremely tight. It's highly likely that the tight player is holding the nuts while you are running to a wall by with top pair or two pair. Not a smart move. My advice to you is be patient, take notes during gameplay and save money in the short and long runs.

Open a new account at Ultimate Bet.
Get 111% deposit bonus up to $1100
Bonus code: "PLAY111"
For redeposit bonus: 20% Reload Bonus up to $250

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UltimateBet Online Poker Games

Playing Texas Hold'em, 7 card stud, Omaha and other online poker games has never been more realistic, exciting, and fun!

Play games against poker players from all over the world and beat them! UltimateBet's games were designed and tested by professional poker players to create the most authentic poker game experience available online.

Whether you play for fun or for real money, the poker software is free and the tables are filling up. Download and join the poker action now!

Special Offer for Players:
Refer your friends to UltimateBet
Playing poker with your friends has never been better!
Refer your friends to UltimateBet and you can earn a bonus worth up to $650 for each friend you refer. Click to Refer a friend.

Bonus Information:
UltimateBet gives out two types of bonus codes such as the ones listed above:

  1. 100% deposit bonus code up to $650 on initial deposit.
  2. UltimateBet new promotions and offers - Redeposit Bonus

  3. NEW Bonus Code: 100% First Time Deposit Bonus up to $650!

Party Poker Bonus -Party Poker Bonus Code

Party Poker bonus codes are entered during your account creation
after you download the program.

100% on 1st Deposit $25 Bonus
20% of your 1st deposit up to $100
Bonus Code:

Best for deposits of up to $500

PartyPoker Offer Details

$25 bonus so long as you deposit at least $50
Bonus Code:
Best for deposits

PartyPoker Offer Details

bonus code: BEEJACK bonus code: FREEBUYIN

Party Poker BONUS SIGNUP BONUS Click here to download FREE and play now!
get BONUS CODE "BEEJACK" is where I play Poker. Party's site has more than 40,000+ players, but it's usually around 25,000 players actually play online - which is very good. The players at Party Poker are mostly beginners and they will call you down to the river with poor hands. That means you'll get rivered a lot - but hang in there. In the long run is what counts and Party Poker is definitely choice grounds for taking the money from the "fish".

Wait a full table rotation before posting the Big Blind -
This tip is probably debatable by many of the players out there. In my opinion, unless you know what you are doing, this tactic will save you money in the long run by letting you not only get mentally prepared for the game, but also gives you invalable time to evaluate your opponents. The worst thing that can happen is to get dealt a strong hand early and then get caught in a massive raising war between two players you don't know. They could be two maniacs for sure, but what if one of them is a maniac and the other player is super-tight? Most likely, that super tight player is holding the nuts while you are bumbling by with top pair or two pair. Not a good move. So be patient, take notes in the meanwhile and save money in the long run.

Click here to download and play now!


First Step: Select One of PartyPoker's Sign Up Bonus Offers

Above the sign up bonuses currently offered at PartyPoker. A key factor in choosing a bonus is how much you want to deposit in order to play at PartyPoker. The maximum bonus is $100 which will require a $500 deposit. These bonuses are available to new sign ups only. Since you can only have one account at PartyPoker, the Bonus you select can only be used once when you first open an account. Choose wisely.

The bonus amount will be held in your "Bonus Account" in the "Cashier" section until you have played the number of hands required by PartyPoker's rules ("Bonus Amount will automatically be added to your Bonus Account where it will be held until you play raked hands equal to five (5) times the Bonus Amount within thirty (30) days of making your deposit"). For example: If you select the "20% on First Deposit" bonus and deposit $300, you will have a $60 bonus immediately show up in your "Bonus Account" and it will be released to your "Real Money Account" after you play 300 raked hands. The "$25 Bonus" is released after you play 125 raked hands. Everything you Need to Know About PartyPoker Bonuses.

Second Step: Download the PartyPoker Software

Once you decide which bonus you want to use, simply click on its "PLAY NOW!" button. A "file download" window will appear. Click "Open". The installation will start as soon as the software has finished downloading.

Third Step: Open a Player Account

Once installation has finished you will be presented with a "Login to" screen. Near the bottom you will see "New Player - Sign Up". Click the button labeled "Sign Up - Open Account", fill in the form and insert the "Bonus Code" for the bonus you want to use in the "sign-up bonus code" box on that form. You must insert the corresponding "bonus code" in the "Sign Up Bonus Code" box when you sign up, in order to qualify for these bonuses. Start the game and use your selected account name and password to login. You can now play in any of the play money games.

Now you must "Register" your account. Click the "cashier" button at the bottom of the PartyPoker "Lobby" window. Then click the "Deposit" button. Complete and submit the "Player Registration" form. It asks for some additional information needed to accept money from you; like your name and address, etc. PartyPoker will then email a 4 digit code to you for the security of your account. When you get it go to the "My Account" menu option and choose Change/Validate E-mail, and enter the code.

Fourth Step: Make a Deposit

Once you've registered and validated your email address go to the "Cashier" and click the "Deposit" button for PartyPoker's deposit methods. The simplest and cheapest (it's free) way to deposit and withdraw money is eCheck by iGM-pay, which essentially links your bank account to your PartyPoker player account.

Fifth Step: Make Money Playing Online Poker

Finally some action! Start playing online poker and select the game you want from the list in the lobby screen. Click on an open seat in the game and choose the amount you want to buy-in.

You are welcome to try out PartyPoker's free poker games without making any deposit or buy-in. I personally recommend that you first play the play money games for a while until you are comfortable with the software and the gameplay. You're playing for real money so why risk it when you can win it!