Party Points – Party Poker’s way of awarding poker players

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While we all know Party Poker does not offer recurring bonuses like rakeback, they do take care of their loyal players in a very subtle and efficient manner: Their PartyPoints scheme. 
It is basically a loyalty reward, and it consists in players receiving PartyPoker points for the rake they generate in real money hands. These poker points can be converted into cash at just about any point in time, thus the whole scheme ends up looking like poker cashback. 
It all seems pretty straightforward, however, there’s more to it. As most poker cashback schemes are tiered ones, (rewarding players who generate more rake with more cashback) Party Poker’s PartyPoints scheme is a performance based rewards system, as well.

Players can reach 4 different levels, based on the number of PartyPoints generated. The first level is that of “Jack”. You’ll qualify for this level, simply by signing up to PartyPoker. This will allow you to earn Party Points at a regular rate. If you manage to gather more than 150 such points, you reach the “Queen” level. Starting from that, you’ll earn your PartyPoints at twice the rate you had before. That’ll make it easier to get up to 2,000 PartyPoints, when you’ll qualify for the “King” level. While you’re a “King”, you’ll be earning poker points at three times the regular rate.

The highest possible rank in this promotion is that of “Ace”, which will allow you to earn points four times faster, though it does require at least 6,000 PartyPoints to qualify.